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Delight cleanser and conditioner bottles, Wave Maker, High Shine Mini + mesh pouchwoman with long red wavy hair
3 stars

4 reviews

Redefine Your Wavy Routine

$32$42 ($62 value)

curly kit with original cleanser and conditioner bottles, stylers + mesh bagwoman with light brown curly hair
3 stars

5 reviews

Redefine Your Curly Routine Kit

$32$42 ($59 value)

Decadence cleanser, conditioner bottles, SuperCream, High Shine + mesh bagwoman with blonde natural super curly hair
3.5 stars

4 reviews

Redefine Your Super Curly Routine Kit

$32$42 ($59 value)

No-Poo Blue 12oz bottleNo-Poo Blue goop
4.5 stars

38 reviews

No-Poo Blue™


SuperMousse travel size cansupermousse foam
3.5 stars

46 reviews


$10 - $28

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Low-Poo & One Condition Delight 12oz bottleswoman with long red wavy hair
5 stars

2 reviews

Delightful Duo


ultra defining gel and supercream bottleswoman with natural super curly hair
0 stars

0 reviews

Strong Style Duo


Wavy Make Them Gel-ous Kit

$69$92 ($116 value)

Curly Make Them Gel-ous Kit

$69$92 ($116 value)

No Poo & One Condition Decadence 32oz bottles with Arc AnGel Gel 12oz bottlewoman with a super curly fro and sunflowers in her hair
3.5 stars

15 reviews

Super Curly Make Them Gel-ous Kit

$69$92 ($116 value)

devacurl mini styler kit package and contents outsidethree women with curly hair hanging out
2.5 stars

3 reviews

Mini Styler Kit

$25 ($38 value)

mini treatment kit package with contents outsidesmiling women with curly and super curly hair outside
3 stars

1 review

Mini Treatment Kit

$25 ($44 value)

super curly mini kit packagewoman with super curly afro
4.5 stars

4 reviews

Super Curly Mini Kit

$25 ($39 value)

DevaDryer and DevaFuserDevaDryer and DevaFuser
4.5 stars

419 reviews

DevaDryer® and DevaFuser®


Limited Time Offer

4 stars

382 reviews



DevaCurl Curly Hair TowelDevaTowel
5 stars

24 reviews



kit for all curl kind with 3oz bottles outside the boxwoman with curly hair on couch
4 stars

14 reviews

The Kit for All Curl Kind

$23$30 ($45 value)

5 Packettes: Low-Poo & One Condition Delight, Buildup Buster, Wave Maker & Ultra Defining Gelwoman with long red wavy hair
3 stars

10 reviews

Wavy Routine Trial Pack

$15 ($34 value)

5 Packettes: No Poo & One Condition Original, Buildup Buster, Styling Cream and Light Defining Gelwoman with curly hair near flowers
4 stars

19 reviews

Curly Routine Trial Pack

$15 ($34 value)

5 packettes: No-Poo & One Condition Decadence, Buildup Buster, SuperCream and Ultra Defining Gelwoman outside with super curly hair in a green track jacket
5 stars

1 review

Super Curly Routine Trial Pack

$15 ($34 value)

arc angel gel 12oz bottleArc AnGEL Gel
4.5 stars

300 reviews

Arc AnGEL Gel

$24 - $46

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DevaCurl Super Stretch 8oz jarSuper Stretch goop
4.5 stars

202 reviews

Super Stretch


Curly L.O.C Trio


Super Curly Travel Trio