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Why You Need It

Traditional shampoo can be too harsh for curls. That’s why we made No-Poo Original! The non-lathering formula with peppermint and grapeseed oil gently cleanses without stripping the natural oils your curls need. Plus, it provides essential moisture so your curls can be shiny, bouncy and just plain gorgeous. No wonder it’s our best-selling cleanser!

Stylist Tip

Devachan senior stylist Telma

“Make sure you apply No-Poo Original directly to your scalp, add more water, and really scrub it in. Do the same scrubbing motion when rinsing to thoroughly cleanse.”

Telma, Devachan Senior Stylist


no-poo original 101


how to use

Saturate your curls and scrub No-Poo on your scalp to cleanse. Scrub it out too to thoroughly cleanse your curls.

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only the good stuff

Everything your curls need, and nothing they don't. Because we know curls.

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Dermatologist Tested - Non Irritating

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Key Ingredients for No-Poo Original

Grapes with seeds

Grapeseed Oil

Helps moisturize

Peppermint leaves

Peppermint Oil

Stimulates the senses


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4.5 star rating

571 Reviews


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Verified Reviewer
0 star rating
Review by Anonymous User
1 star rating
Review by Sara on 18 Jul 2020 review stating :(
Unfortunately what you responded is incorrect , therefore You have legal problems ... I stopped using your products and I stopped losing hair ... interesting
Verified Reviewer
5 star rating
Review by Sarit on 17 Jul 2020 review stating wow!
I recently started to wonder if I even had wave let alone curl. I was using Aveda for a long time and it was great and then they sold out and became a political mess. My hair magician gave me a sample of Beautiful Mess and I really liked it. So I decided to give the rest of the products a try and oh, WOW! For the first time in i don't know how long, I had curls when my hair was wet after using the Deva towel! This no-poo original left my hair feeling soft, supple, moisturized and bouncy. The conditioner was divine. I am in LOVE! It feels like a full self-care experience, using these products.
Sara k.
1 star rating
Rating ... less than one star
Review by Sara k. on 8 Jul 2020 review stating Rating ... less than one star
ABSOLUTELY THE WORST PRODUCT EVER! If you want to lose your hair, buy it,
YOu will go bald...
Comments by Store Owner on Review by Sara k. on 8 Jul 2020
Response from DevaCurl
Hi, our products do not cause hair loss because they do not penetrate the scalp or affect the hair bulb. Hair loss is often related to excessive scalp irritation, medical conditions, or other stressors. For more information on hair loss, we encourage you to visit
sebrena w.
5 star rating
African American, 67 years old;
Review by sebrena w. on 2 Jul 2020 review stating African American, 67 years old;
first, my hair had been over processed per my beautician; Second, it began to itch and it is itching now as I type this information; Next, I experienced an allergic reaction from the scalp and when I rubbed the scalp itch areas, by making contact with my scalp, face, neck, arms, thighs, legs, etc.; I had a problem, I scheduled an appointment with the Dermatologist, examined and confirmed, that because my hair had been chemically over processed, she prescribed an ointment for my skin and the Deva Curl shampoo; Finally, I ordered the shampoo, received the shipment on 6/29/20; I have not used the product yet, however, my hair was damaged before the use of the DevaCurl Shampoo. After reading the reviews, I am baffled. My hair was healthy before the chemical over processes. I do not have curls, my hair is relaxed. Even though, I answered the curl questions, I do not have the curls; I provided a description of my relaxed hair;
5 star rating
Review by amyy on 3 Jun 2020 review stating magic😍
This is soooo amazing
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