Safety and TestingSafety and Testing

Safety and Testing

All DevaCurl® products are safe to use. Our products have gone through rigorous testing and adhere to all relevant regulations for product safety before they reach the market.


Dermatologist Co-Developed

All of our products have been dermatologist co-developed, but what does that mean? We enlisted the expertise of Board-Certified Research Dermatologist Dr. Zoe Diana Draelos to test our products for skin safety and hair efficacy.

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Safety Standards

We know that our curl community wants products that are safe and effective. That’s why all of our products comply with the safety and manufacturing regulations for cosmetics in the US, Canada and the European Union (which has some of the strictest cosmetics safety rules in the world)!


Formula Safety Testing

Curly (wavy and coily) hair is the best hair, and we want to keep it that way. Every single DevaCurl® formula has been tested to ensure that your curls get the TLC that they need. Here’s how:

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Safety-In-Use Testing

350 Curly people. Four weeks. Happy Curls. All of our products undergo “Safety-In-Use Testing”, or SIU, by Board-Certified Dermatologist and well-known hair expert, Dr. Zoe Draelos. During SIU, Dr. Draelos assessed all of our products for the potential to have an adverse reaction under normal use conditions over a 4-week study period. The result? 350 happy curls at the end of 4 weeks. No adverse events occurred during SIU – that means no irritation, no scalp redness and no dryness. During the SIU, we also asked participants what they thought about the products and those results support the claims you see on our bottles! These tests confirm that all of our curl-friendly products are safe and that they deliver the results you have come to expect from DevaCurl®.

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Hair Breakage Test: Tensile Break Strength

Did you know that curly hair has more disulfide bonds than straight hair which makes it more susceptible to breakage? We have formulated every single DevaCurl® product with this in mind, and the Tensile Break Strength Test keeps us honest. It determines if our products decrease the strength of the internal hair structure or have the potential to permanently change curl pattern. Based on these tests, we know with certainty that all DevaCurl® products are curl-friendly – our products have no negative effect on the break stress or break extension of either virgin or bleached hair.

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Product Allergen Test: Human Repeat Insult Patch Testing

Let’s be real – allergies aren’t fun. In the HRIPT, all of our products were applied multiple times to a patch of skin over the course of 3 weeks. Our product showed no potential for skin irritation or allergic contact sensitization. All test results were signed, sealed, and delivered by a Board-Certified Dermatologist.


Package and Manufacturing Testing

Our products go through a lot before they get to you to ensure they meet strict quality and safety requirements.

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Stability Test

Formulas are placed in extreme environmental conditions for a period of 90 days. These conditions vary in temperature and light levels to simulate what the product may be exposed to during its life cycle and ensure its stability. These tests confirm that the formula will maintain its intended physical, chemical and microbial properties throughout its shelf life.

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Microbiological Challenge Test

Products are exposed to bacteria to ensure that preservative ingredients are doing their job to keep the product safe from contamination. Every batch of our products passes micro challenge tests at our manufacturers before being shipped to our warehouse. We use non-toxic, effective preservatives to keep the product (and you) safe.

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All formulas are measured with a pH meter to determine the pH of the product and confirm that it is within that product's specification.

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Package Compatibility

Our formulas and packaging swiped right on each other and plan to live happily ever after ::swoon:: Every one of our products has to pass “package compatibility testing” before it gets on the shelf. This test confirms that there are no safety or quality issues that occur from the interaction of our formulas and their intended packaging over a period of several months at extreme conditions. The results confirmed that they’re a perfect match.

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