The Traditional Curl: 3b Hair

Specialized hair care is one of the most important things you can do to keep your curls happy and healthy-looking. While you might need to tweak your hair care routine for your own needs, we can provide you with the basics you should be thinking about with a guide to care for and help your 3b curls thrive and look amazing.

brunette model with 3b curls

What to look for: the classic corkscrew

First things first: determining whether you have the 3b hair type. So, what IS 3b hair? Well, non-coily curly hair types are type 3 hair. Your hair comes off your scalp in a spiral or a corkscrew loose enough to stick at least a pinkie finger in. When it comes to 3b curls, they are about as wide around as a Sharpie. You have the quintessential corkscrew curly hair. You’ve probably played with your curls while daydreaming (it’s fun), and maybe you’ve got something stuck more than once. If you’ve tried to straighten your hair, you know that it took a lot of elbow grease and one drop of water meant it was back to the drawing board.


Frizz, frizz, dryness, and frizz

You guessed it, if you’re trying to reduce frizz, what’s your enemy? DRY HAIR. With 3b curls like yours, the natural oils from your scalp can’t make it all the way through to the tips of your hair. That means moisturizing needs to be a big part of caring for 3b curly hair. One Condition® Original is formulated for curls to provide you type 3 hair with the rich moisture it craves.

Leave-in conditioning is a great habit to get into. How often you need to do it depends on your hair’s dryness, but it’s good to aim for about once a week. Leave-In Decadence® is highly hydrating, and all about providing the extra moisture your hair could need, giving you a deep condition that will keep your curls quenched. Remember, hydration is key for all parts of your body, curls included! If the hydration isn’t doing the trick, try spraying a little High Shine® oil onto your curls for radiant hair with reduced frizz.


Keeping it high definition

Listen, your curls won’t always do what you want them to — they’re gorgeous anyway. When it comes to trying to reach your hair goals, we can help. Enhance your natural hair texture with Defining Spray Gel to get the curl body, shape, and definition of your dreams. If getting plumper, fuller curls is what you’re after, Plumping Primer is the styler for you. You’re looking at curl boosting and enhanced definition with a little extra bounce.


Reset product buildup

One of the no-no’s for 3b hair is over-using products. Even your lively curls can be weighed down by product after product. To reset, try Buildup Buster® on wash day, to help get all the extra product out of your hair, and No-Poo® Original to keep your curls clean. Then, try to limit the number of stylers you use and rock your natural curls with confidence.

two curly hair models smiling side by side

Keep it confident: live your curls

All-natural hair types deserve love, and 3b curls are no different — but your hair is unique because it’s yours: no one else has quite the same curl as you. Whether you’re looking to go out and show off your curls or just dance around your room as a party of one, your curls will always have your back!


Shoutouts from the curly community

And speaking of having your back, your curly community is doing just that. If you’ve ever felt like you needed curl care or styling tips that your straight-haired friends wouldn’t understand, take comfort in knowing that there are plenty of 3b curls out there who love their hair… and yours! We have a hunch they’d be happy to share some hair wisdom with you.

Take on the day knowing that your curls are beautiful and are meant to be rocked in all of their bouncy glory. After all, a good hair day can make you feel ready to take over the world. So why not make every day a good hair day?