How to Protect Hair from Heat

So, you've woken up and your hair is a whirlwind: full of frizz, split ends, and totally dry. What happened?

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How important is it to protect hair from heat?

If the first styling tools you reach for are the straightener or the curling iron, you may have the answer to your breakage nightmare. Curly hair care gets easier when you know your hair type. And one of the most important things to know about curls, is that they can be delicate. It's already harder for natural hair oils to make it to the tips of your wavy or curly hair. Heat and hot tools can dry out your curls and make it even harder for natural oils to penetrate.

Extended use of heat can damage the cuticle and the outer layer of your hair. The effect of this can range from dryness and frizzy curls to loss of your curl pattern. We want to help protect your curls from the effects of unprotected heat styling — one way is to get your curls ready before you ever touch your hot tools!

When you're looking for your next favorite hairstyle, make sure that the FIRST thing you reach for is a heat protection spray. Once you spritz that on, you can layer in the hair products and start experimenting with the hot tools.


How to protect hair from heat without heat protectant

The easiest way to protect your hair without extra products is simply not to use heat. Skip the flat iron or curling iron and let your hair air dry. But sometimes, that may not be the option you want to take.

The first key to protecting your hair without a heat protectant spray is the same base of all curly hair care: hydrate! Hydrating your hair, especially with a leave-in treatment like our Leave-In Decadence®, can help nourish. Hair styling can put a lot of stress on your hair, so make sure it has the strongest base possible to work from. Looking for a deep conditioner? Add some Heaven in Hair® to your soaking wet curls to boost moisture.

Treat your curls gently before the styling products even touch your hair. Wash Day Wonder® is ideal to help detangle wet hair in the shower. Our cleansers are made without silicones and SLS/SLES sulfates, to avoid drying out your hair.


How to protect hair from heat without products

If you need dry hair in a snap but don't have the money for a post-salon blowout, you can safely blow dry your curls at home. Grab the DevaDryer® and DevaFuser® for a blow dryer and diffuser combo that offers a faster dry time which equals less time with heat! If you have the time to skip blow drying altogether, give our microfiber DevaTowel® or DevaTwist™ a try.

Pro Tip: To help reduce the possibility of damage, use heat tools on the low setting.


The best heat protectants for your curls

Just like the skincare basics of putting on sunscreen to go outside, the best protection is prevention. FlexFactor™ is an all-purpose protective styler we believe your curls will love. It offers thermal protection and helps creates a protective barrier between your hair, damaging manipulation, and heat. Add it to your curls before you go to the hairstylist or do your own hair at home. It won't re-curl your hair if you've decided to go for a straight style. Just cap off your look with Flexible Hold Hairspray to lock your look in place.

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Helping hair that's already damaged

Sometimes, you don't add the heat protector to your routine quite fast enough. Your hair is made up of keratin, which is a protein. That means that you can also strengthen your hair with a protein hair mask — that's where our new CurlBond™ Mask comes in. It’s ideal to help repair damage obtained from color-treated hair or heat damage. It can add some bounce back into your hair and re-coils curls without going all the way to the big chop. Additionally, you can try Melt Into Moisture for an intense moisturizing experience formulated for all waves, curls, and coils.

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