The Decadence Product Guide for Super Curly Hair

Those of you with dry, coarse waves, curls and coils cried out for more moisture — and we listened! While standard curly hair products can often feel like they skimp on the hydration front, the Decadence line of super curly hair products is specifically designed for the needs of coarse waves, curls and coils: that is, moisture, moisture, and more moisture.

product laydown of DevaCurl Decadence cleanser and conditioner with ingredients

Why your curls need decadence

The curlier the hair, the harder it is for natural oils to get from the scalp all the way to the ends of your hair. That means super curly hair is going to have hydration challenges unless you jump on top of it at every opportunity.

Chances are, you already know if you have dry, coarse waves, curls or coils also known as kinky, or more technically as type 4A, 4B, or 4C hair. Coarse or super curly does not mean your curls are rough or difficult to manage. It simply means that each of your curls are easy to see when you hold a strand between your fingertips, usually look very full and typically hold a style well. If you have any questions, our Curl Quiz can help you figure out exactly what type of hair you have.

But more than anything else, Decadence is for those who find their curls always feel dry and in need of more moisture. So, no matter how tightly your hair coils, Decadence products can help you get the moisture your hair craves.

super curly girl in shower with fingers in hair

What to add to your shower routine

We’re aiming to stock your shower caddies with exactly what you need to keep your hair looking fresh on wash day and beyond. The DevaCurl products to use for dry, coarse waves, curls and coils are full of the ingredients you want and none that you don’t.

Keep it clean

Skipping wash day is a bad habit we’ve all indulged in once or twice… or more. But with No-Poo Decadence, the urge will be gone!

Most shampoos are singularly focused on cleansing, but No-Poo Decadence is a double hitter, cleansing and moisturizing at the same time. Made without SLS/SLES sulfates, No-Poo Decadence won’t lather like you’re probably used to, but it also won’t strip your hair of natural oils. Formulated with an ultra-rich moisture preserving blend leaves them nourished, bouncy and shiny. Formulated with with an ultra-rich moisture preserving blend leaves them nourished, bouncy and shiny, when used with One Condition Decadence.

If you want to make wash day easier, add Wash Day Wonder to your routine, to supplement the Decadence products. It will help ease away the tangles of the past few days, so your No-Poo is even easier to work through your curls.


Moisture, moisture...

When it comes to hydration, super curly hair or dry, coarse waves, curls and coils can’t get enough. That’s where One Condition Decadence comes in. It truly earns the name “ultra rich cream conditioner” and if you have dry, coarse curls, this ultra-rich cream conditioner with a moisture preserving blend helps fight tangles, control frizz and leave curls feeling nourished, soft and bouncy.


...and more moisture

But when even One Condition Decadence is not enough, you can turn to Leave-In Decadence. This quick-absorbing, leave-in conditioner with a moisture preserving blend quenches dry, coarse curls leaving them nourished and soft with frizz control and shine.

How often you use Leave-In Decadence depends entirely on your curls. Extra-dry hair may need it every day (or you can use it as daily detangling assistance). Or you could use it on wash day or once a week; how often you need it may even change month to month (yes, we’re looking at you, summer humidity!) The bottom line: mix in a mask when you need to up your conditioning game or skip it when you don't.


Curl talk

Of course, no discussion of DevaCurl products would be complete without a couple of extra tips from our stylists who know what’s what. When it comes to getting the best results out of your products, they know just what to recommend!

“Make sure you apply No-Poo Decadence directly to your scalp, add more water, and use our scrub-in and scrub-out method. Use your fingertips to massage it into your scalp. Do the same scrubbing motion when rinsing to thoroughly cleanse.”

-Telma, Devachan Senior Stylist

“At DevaCurl we like to say ‘squish the condish!’ This means to make sure you work your conditioner into your hair with enough water to truly hydrate your curls. Basically, you should hear a squishing sound as you scrunch the conditioner into your hair.”

-Nicolle, Devachan Colorist

“Leave-In Decadence perfectly primes the hair, leaving it in a great moisturized state before adding your stylers.”

-Vida, Devachan Senior Colorist

“For less tugging, apply Wash Day Wonder and ‘finger walk’ to get through more difficult tangles by using your index finger and thumb to work the tangle down to the end of the hair.”

-Latoya, Devachan Stylist

Don’t despair when it comes to wash day, or even keeping your curls manageable to style day-to-day. The Decadence line is specifically made for you and other super curlies like you. We’ve got your back… and your curls!