Guide on how to add volume to curly hair

Nothing puts a damper on a good hair day like flat waves, curls and coils. You want your hair to bounce with as much life as you do! Luckily, we’ve got tons of tips on how to add volume to curly hair that you can work into your hair care routine to watch your curls rise to the occasion.


Why doesn’t my hair have volume?

People assume that curls are always full of volume, but we know that it can be harder than just rolling out of bed and heading out the door. Hair that’s fine or long can make it tricky to get the sky-high hair you crave.

Dry hair may also be the culprit: you want full curls, not frizz! Make sure you’re not shampooing more than once or twice a week and that you’re continuously moisturizing. Make sure you have the right conditioner, like One Condition just for dry, medium or coarse curly hair, or Melt Into Moisture mask for an ultra-rich conditioning mask. Finally, your hair can be weighed down, whether by products that aren’t coming out of your hair fully when you wash or by oils that keep it from achieving full body.

super curly hair close up

How to get volume in curly hair

There are plenty of ways to add volume to curly hair. The most important places to give attention to are your roots and underlayers: happy roots make for big hair! But how do you add volume to curly hair roots? Add these tips and tricks into your daily and weekly hair care routine:


Angle for length

This is an easy edit to the routine you already have. If you’re able, diffuse dry your hair upside down or by angling your head and hair side to side while you dry. The DevaDryer and DevaFuser work great as the tools you need to properly dry your curls without adding frizz.

If you’re dedicated to volume that reaches for the stars, try doing everything upside down, from washing and rinsing to applying stylers. By making gravity do the work for you, especially as you dry, you can train your hair to stand more perpendicular to your scalp. Plus, it allows your hair to hang evenly without crushing itself. If you need to refresh throughout the day, flip upside down for a minute or two and fluff the roots with your fingers.


Clip up your hair to dry

It all comes back to the roots! When you’re looking to dry your hair, clip at the roots for an air dry that gets all the way down. Get some duckbill clips and pin each individual curl at the very bottom so your ringlets are standing out from your head. Then, let it air-dry or diffuse if you’re in a hurry. This is a particularly good way to volumize fine hair, but it works great for all waves, curls and coils looking for a little more “oomph!” in their locks.


Add the right product...

There are plenty of products out there that help your curls stand at attention! Volumizers like our SuperMousse and Frizz-Fighting Volumizing Foam are a quick and easy way to add some va-va-voom to your look. We also have some great products specialized just for your hair type. Plumping Primer is a lightweight gelée with an Amino Acid Complex for healthy-looking curls regardless of texture. It primes with a boost of fullness, moisture, bounce and shine. Wave Maker is a lightweight moisturizing definer that provides fine curls with shape and frizz control.


...but not too much!

Clarify at the roots to get rid of buildup that could be weighing down your hair and keeping you from getting the volume you’re looking for. Buildup Buster can be applied directly to your roots to get at that leftover product right at the source. You’ll see an extra spring in your curls!

voluminous curly hair

Style for height

There are plenty of styling tips for teasing out every extra inch of your curls. Literally tease your curls by gently backcombing or picking the under layers of your hair; it’s a great way to add fluff to your style, but keep the top curls and your hairline smooth! Protective hairstyles like the pineapple can help maintain volume even after a few days without washing. For an instant fix, change your part. If you don’t want to commit to a permanent switch, move your part while you dry to give each of your curls a chance to dry as full as possible. And finally, talk to your stylist about maximizing with a layered cut. With a little less weight, your waves, curls and coils won’t be as heavy and they can all come to life together! If you’re looking into how to get more volume in curly hair, everything from a quick fix to a long-term routine adjustment can get you the cloud of curls you’re looking for. Be big, bold, and beautiful as your hair reaches new heights.