Super Spirals: 4b Hair

Welcome to the wonderful realm of coily curly hair: 4b curls. Your hair is gorgeous, especially when it reaches its full potential. So how do you treat 4b hair with the care it deserves? We’ve put together a primer on all things 4b to let you know just that.

brunette model 4b curls

What to look for: dense strands and sharp angles

Identifying your hair type is important for planning your hair care routine. So, what are you looking for? First off, if your hair can be described as an afro or your strands look super coily, you have type 4 hair, joining the ranks of other fabulous super coily curl rockstars. We’ve moved past the S curve into a well-defined Z shape with the 4b hair type. Your hair zig zags more than it curls, and the bends in each strand tend to be tight rather than rounded. If you’ve tried to grow out your hair, you’ve realized that it can be a struggle to get the length you want. Plus, your hair is full of super densely packed strands that give you all-over volume.


Pour on the moisture

Like all super curly hair types, 4b coils crave about as much moisture as you can give them. Without a smooth, straight path from root to ends, natural oils can’t make it from your scalp to the tips of your hair. A good conditioner like One Condition Decadence® is a must-have in your routine. On was day, we recommend you start with No-Poo Decadence® — it’s ideal for coarse coils and formulated with our moisture preserving blend.

Also, a leave-in you can trust is essential. That means Leave-In Decadence® needs a spot in your shower. Your hair will almost never say no to more hydration, and Leave-In Decadence® will absorb into your hair to quench its thirst. It would be best if you deep condition frequently (how often depends on your exact hair needs but start with once a week). We recommend Heaven In Hair® to give extremely dry curls a hydrating boost.


Styling your mane

While 4b natural hair is gorgeous all on its own, sometimes you want to try something new with it, and that means you need styling creams that can hold their own without sucking the moisture out of your hair. SuperCream™ goes the extra mile by providing hold and moisture (plus defining, taming frizz, adding shine… basically, what DOESN’T it do?). It also smells like coconut, which is a big bonus in our book.


Fragile hair needs care

Given the Z bends and dryness, 4b hair is prone to breakage. That means treating it carefully wherever you can. You should absolutely try out our CurlBond™ Collection — it features Patented CurlBond™ Complex to re-coil damaged curls and works from the inside out to help re-link broken bonds, improve strength, and protect from future damage. It also moisturizes (of course!), maintains shine, and leaves curls healthy-looking with enhanced definition.

Protective styles are in, which are perfect for your coils To protect your curls from the wear and tear of daily life, try bantu knots, twists, and braids (aim for braids that don’t pull on your edges). Protect your hair at night by sleeping on a satin pillowcase or in a bonnet to protect your delicate strands from tearing.

brunette model scrunching 4b hair

That’s why her hair’s so big: it’s full of love

Natural hair is making the comeback it deserves — it’s ALWAYS been phenomenal. It’s the perfect time to rock your 4b curls in all their glory! We love the no-sweat volume of your 4b hair type, and how your curls are so naturally full of life. When you get settled into a routine that nurtures your hair, it shows, and it’s a fantastic feeling that will encourage curl confidence.



When you’re looking for inspiration for curl care or styling, check out our Instagram to see what our gorgeous curl community is up to. You can also hop on YouTube and type in ‘coily curls hair routine’ but brace yourself — you may be amazed and online all day!!!

When making a statement, your 4b hair has it down to a science. Give it the care it needs to steal the show and get a sea of “Your hair!!! 😍” comments on your next selfie.