Cloud of Curls: 4a Hair

Big, bold, and beautiful coming through. You’re a beauty with 4a natural hair, and you’re not afraid to show it — proud is more like it! But do you know how to care for your curls? Different hair patterns need different kinds of care, so we’ve put together a guide with recommendations on how to treat your 4a hair for the best results.

blonde model scrunching 4a curls

What to look for: springy coils

There’s never been a question: you have naturally curly hair. But how do you figure out which of the curly hair types you have? Well, to start, if your hair has ever been described as kinky, coily, or super curly, congratulations on your type 4 hair! The 4a curl pattern is characterized by very tight coils. You still have a visible, curvy S pattern in your hair and your curls are the circumference of a crochet needle. Any time you pulled a curl taut to see just how much length you were hiding, it sprang right back into shape.


More moisture, please!

Here’s the 411 coily curls, the 4a hair type can become easily dry. You’ll need to spend extra effort giving your curls all the moisture they need to look healthy. Start with No-Poo Decadence® and One Condition Decadence® — this pair was made for coily hair and provides ultra-moisture with our moisture preserving blend that helps fight tangles, control frizz and leave curls feeling nourished, soft, and bouncy.

For added upkeep, Leave-In Decadence® was made to provide the extra moisture 4a curls crave. (Seriously, we cannot emphasize this enough — HYDRATION.) A leave-in conditioner is a must-have to make up for the fact that your scalp’s natural oils won’t be able to make it past your curls to the tips of your hair. This leave-in was formulated with our moisture preserving blend to quench dry, coarse curls leaving them nourished and soft with frizz control and shine.


Delicate curl structure

The 4a hair type can also experience a lot of problems with breakage. Unfortunately, your hair doesn’t have as many protective cuticle layers, which means strands are much more fragile.

Using our CurlBond™ Collection is a holy grail option to give your coily curls 360° curl care. CurlBond™ features the Patented CurlBond™ Complex to re-coil damaged curls and works from the inside out to help re-link broken bonds, improve strength, and protect from future damage. It also moisturizes (of course!), maintains shine, and leaves curls healthy-looking with enhanced definition.

blonde 4a model throwing her arms up smiling

Big, bold, and beautiful

Type 4a certainly knows how to make an entrance! With a head full of tight curls, you can draw the eye of everyone in the room if you want to. So, keep your head high (and your curls higher!) and know that your natural hair is a showstopper. Besides, when you take special care of your curls and see how much they shine, you’ll find yourself falling in love with your natural look all over again.



When you’re looking for inspiration for curl care or styling, check out our Instagram to see what our gorgeous curl community is up to. You can also hop on YouTube and type in ‘coily curls hair routine’ but brace yourself — you may be amazed and online all day!!!

Whether you’ve been embracing your 4a hair type for years or just getting started on your natural hair journey, you’re not alone! Plenty of 4a coily curls have been collecting knowledge and advice, so hair care doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark. Keep up the excellent work, and share your beautiful curls with us on social media!