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UNWRP® was founded with passion, purpose, and environmental values by curly-coily Brooklynite Ashley L. Fouyolle in 2017. Her love for art, fashion, vibrant colors, unique patterns, and the gifting experience naturally led her into the world of luxury gift wrap – where all her favorite things come together.

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spotlight on Ashley


What jobs did you have before your career took off, and how did you make this transition?

In the decade before starting my company, I worked as a designer in different industries, from Marketing, Fashion to Publishing. In the last role, I served as Sr. Festival Designer for Essence Festival. I've always held a full-time position while running my business full-time. It wasn't until the pandemic that I was forced to transition to become a full-time entrepreneur – honestly, it's the best thing to have happened!


Do you pay attention to others' reactions to your work? Does that affect what you create?

Early on, I noticed that my customer gravitated more towards designs they saw themselves in. I would take mental notes, and for the following few collections, I would be sure to include more female figures in the artwork. My customers want to see themselves represented, and I am here to serve them that magic! I am always listening and learning. Your customers will always tell you what they want; you must listen carefully!


What's the largest hurdle you have faced and how did you overcome it?

As many business owners (and the world) can attest, the early stages of the pandemic and the uncertainty of the future were the biggest hurdles. Up until that point, the business relied on in-person pop-up events. It's a massive pillar of the company. So not knowing if that'll ever happen again was a scary time. At that moment, I decided to create an Artist Relief Fund. Although I was unclear about the future of the business, I wanted to ensure that the artist we partnered with weren't losing their income.


What is some advice you have for creatives as they transition into having their own business?

Entering the world of entrepreneurship lends its challenges, staying committed to the end goal. Be purposeful in your mission. Don't allow the negative voices to creep in. If this is what you're passionate about, allow it to lead you.


What lasting impact do you want to have on society through your creativity?

I aim to create a generation that embraces the joys of gifting as part of self-expression. To give someone a piece of who you are through thoughtful gifting.


By nature of being a Black woman founder in this space, how does contributing to diversity or increasing representation influence or affect your work?

Not to be cliché, but just as Solange has said, As a Black woman, the work I create will always be through the lens of a Black woman. Diversity and Representation aren't at the top of my mind because I am the living, breathing embodiment of it. So, I create work that looks like me, feels like me, and answers a need I once had. And in turn, with this thinking, it's disrupting the market!


What excites you most about partnering with DevaCurl to produce exclusive UNWRP printed scarves and products this holiday season?

This collaboration is a true love letter to my curls. For years I have avoided my natural hair and even went as far as to have said, 'I would never wear my natural tresses' – it wasn't until my stylist forced my hand and made me embrace each coil and twist. Collaborating with DevaCurl allows me to show off my pride. And to design a little protection for my coils (i.e., the Fabric Wraps). Each design truly celebrates our strands' identity, no matter how diverse they may be.


This holiday collaboration with DevaCurl showcases 4 amazing designs from UNWRP, what was your inspiration behind the creative?

The collection is inspired by the individuality and the complexities of our strands. It’s a celebration of each wave, curl, or coil.


The printed scarves are so bold and perfect for the holiday season, what is your favorite way to style the scarves?

My favorite way to style the scarves is to wear them bandana style. For the days I have my twist in and drying, I tie the scarf over my hair, which makes for a cute look! I can rock this style all week, and no one will know my curls are setting underneath, ha!


The holidays are often a time for sharing love and joy with those around us. What encouraging message would you like to share with consumers who are going to experience the DevaCurl X UNWRP products this holiday season?

Embrace the soft life; we've got you covered — From satin-like scarves for your tresses to travel-size giftable kits that can fit in your luggage!


UNWRP X DevaCurl