What Is My Hair Texture?

Do you love your curls but aren’t quite sure of your hair texture? From fine, medium, to coarse, determining your hair texture can help you find the best products for your curls.

Different hair textures need different care. That’s why DevaCurl® has evolved with your hair needs to develop products that are specifically engineered to hydrate, maintain, and moisturize each-and-every curl texture & type.

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Wait, what does hair texture mean?

Hair texture refers to the thickness or width of each individual hair strand, better known as fine, medium, or coarse. No matter if you have waves, curls, or coils, you can still have fine, medium, or coarse texture. Advanced knowledge of your hair texture is key to treating it correctly and finding the best products for your hairs’ individual needs. Plus, your hair texture will help inform how your hairstylist cuts your hair.

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What is the difference between texture and pattern?

When we say 'hair texture' or 'curl texture', we refer to the thickness or width of the individual hair strand, better known as fine, medium or coarse. That's because waves, curls and coils can be fine, medium or coarse. Curl pattern, which we reference as waves, curls and coils, speaks to your strands' shape.


What are the main types of hair textures?

The three main types of hair textures include fine, medium, and coarse — and here’s how to know what they look like:

FINE: Fine strands are not easy to see or feel between fingertips. They appear to be thin and may not hold styles well.

MEDIUM: Medium strands are easy to see and not difficult to feel between your fingertips. They tend to appear full and hold styles well.

COARSE: Coarse strands are highly visible and easily felt between fingertips. They appear very full and hold styles well.


How do I find my curl texture?

The easiest way to determine your texture is The Strand Test! This is done by taking a single strand and laying it flat on a white piece of paper.

If your hair is not easy to see or appears thin on the white paper, you most likely have fine hair texture.

If your hair is fairly visible on the white paper, you most likely have medium hair texture.

Lastly, if your hair is highly visible on the white paper and appears very full, your hair texture is most likely coarse.

Once you’ve determined your curl type, take the guesswork out of embracing your curls and feeding them what they crave with our curl quiz. Experience (and flaunt) healthy-looking hair with DevaCurl® by your side.