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Natural Hair Growth Tips & Tricks

Did you do the big chop but crave longer, more luscious curls without split ends?

If you have ever grown out a pixie cut, it can be a challenging process, especially for curly hair types. With DevaCurl by your side, you can get through that awkward growth phase and enjoy the longer hair, fun hairstyles, and a healthy-looking scalp that lasts a lifetime.

Natural hair growth can be a great way to reset your curls this season. But what exactly is natural hair growth, and how does it work? From natural hair growth oils to remedies to make your hair grow faster, DevaCurl’s got you covered with a few tips and tricks that are worth trying.

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5 Natural Hair Growth Tips For Healthy Hair

Promoting hair growth is not an easy feat, but with the right products (and a bit of patience), you can get your curls on track in no time. Promote your hair strands healthy growth starting at the scalp by taking care of your hair, skin, and even your cuticles. Here are a few tips to growing your curls faster with DevaCurl:


Promote healthy hair growth with the right styling

A strong styling regimen is essential to enhancing your natural hair texture and stimulating hair growth. Whether you are a beginner or seeking to upgrade your arsenal of hair care tools, be sure to establish a styling routine. The first step is to use a cleanser, conditioner, and deep conditioner as needed — specifically engineered to benefit your curl type.

From wavy hair to curls and coils, hair stylists recommend you cleanse as needed. For a deep clean, Buildup Buster® is a Deva go-to. Consider using our CurlBond™ Mask on a weekly basis to deeply nourish and improve strength.

Deva Tip: Consistently apply products in the shower when wet to encourage maximum results.

Avoid excessive amounts of heat throughout the growth process in order to promote healthy and strong fibres. Opt for a DevaFuser® when blow-drying your hair in order to help your curls keep their shape. We recommend applying a leave-in conditioner for all curl types after you wash your hair to preserve moisture to the max.

Simply twirl your curls into the desired shape, then use a universal diffuser. Unlike traditional diffusers, our ground-breaking DevaFuser® is designed with innovative 360-degree airflow to promote speedier drying right down to the roots (where it takes the longest to dry).


Use the best natural hair growth products out there

Natural hair products are vital to boosting hair growth. Seek out products that are made without SLS/SLES sulfates, parabens, silicone, and gluten which can strip your curls of vital natural oils and moisture. Instead, join the DevaCurl family.

DevaCurl products are co-developed with dermatologists and backed by science. If you’re not quite sure where to start, we recommend trading your shampoo for a low-lather cleanser. Try Low-Poo Delight® and One Condition Delight® for dry, fine waves, curls, and coils.


Prep & protect

If you ask us, night-time curl care is key. While you might already have your daily curl care routine down to a science, what you do with your curls at night is just as important (if not more so.) To prevent hair breakage, pull back your hair to guarantee it doesn’t get tangled while you sleep. Try the DevaTwist™ or DevaTowel® to gently dry your curls after you wash your hair, and always sleep on a silk pillowcase.

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Trim on repeat

When growing your curls naturally, consider consulting with a professional hairstylist on a regular basis. A professional trim can have a drastically positive effect on the appearance of your curls. This comes down to the science of hair health. The shorter the hair, the lighter it is, and therefore the tighter the spiral. Diligently maintain regularly scheduled appointments at DevaChan salon or with a DevaCurl trained stylist near you. This can boost hair growth, promote healthy strands, and also boost your confidence throughout the growth process.

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Try natural remedies for hair growth, too

For those looking to experiment with natural remedies, there are plenty of options to consider. From essential oils to something as simple as coconut oil, consider integrating home remedies into your daily routine to help stimulate growth.

First, try a scalp massage. Massage a couple of drops of Jamaican Black Castor Oil into your scalp with your fingertips. Use this so-called “magic oil” on a daily basis. If you suffer from dry scalp or dandruff, try nutrient-rich jojoba oil to nourish your hair shafts over time.

If you are prone to hair falling out for any reason, tea tree oil may help moisturize and restore hair follicles.


3 Products That Promote Curl Flexibility™

If the “do it yourself” route isn’t your preference or you don’t have time to run to the spice aisle, there are a number of DevaCurl products that are specifically engineered to grow healthy curls and promote Curl Flexibility™. The key is to pay close attention to quality ingredients in the products you invest in.

Frizz-Fighting Volumizing Foam

This lightweight body booster is essential as you transition from short hair to longer curls. Experience a dreamy balance between airy volume and touchable definition, plus humidity resistance for up to 48 hours!

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Low-Poo Delight®

We recommend trading your shampoo for a lightweight cleanser instead. Low-Poo Delight is a mild lather cleanser with our moisture preserving blend that helps leave curls soft, defined bouncy, and of course — moisturized.

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Melt Into Moisture®

Moisture is key to growing out your curls naturally. We recommend using a hair mask or other hair treatments on a weekly basis to encourage scalp health and help lock in moisture.

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All DevaCurl products are formulated to promote ultimate Curl Flexibility™. From natural texture to braids, twist-outs and blowouts — we believe everyone should live their curls, no matter how they choose to. As your needs evolved, so have our products. We’ve got you, and you’ve got this!