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How to take care of wavy hair

Even though wavy hair may seem to be low maintenance, there’s still plenty that goes into keeping a glorious mane of waves, well, glorious. Like all hair types, wavy hair has special care and attention needs. If you’re looking into how to maintain wavy hair, first you need to understand what makes your waves special.


The nature of waves

There’s a range of issues that can occur with our wavy-haired friends. If your hair tends towards looser, gentler curves, you may have concerns with weighed-down waves. A curly-leaning wave type might have the dryness and frizz common to any curly. Finer waves are prone to more grease and oil, with loose S-curves allowing the grease to make it all the way to the ends of your hair. Plus, any wavy-haired friend going out for a night on the town can tell you about styling and feeling like every added product only leaves their ‘do feeling flat.

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Throwing a curveball: A new care routine for your waves

Balance is key for maintaining wavy hair. There are elements that you’ll have in common with curly or straight hair care, but there are some elements that are just for you!


Figure out your wash day particulars

Hair care tips for wavy hair (and any style of curl!) should always break down what wash day should look like. For wavies, grab a cleanser that can get rid of product buildup without damaging your gentle waves. Buildup Buster is a micellar water cleansing serum that gently removes product and hard water buildup to help set your waves up for styling success! Use it once a week or as needed to give waves a quick reboot.

Use Low-Poo Delight for regular cleansing to maintain your waves. Wash and condition your hair every 2-3 days, with an added deep condition 1-2 times a week to keep moisture high and frizz low. Try One Condition Delight for your normal conditioner, and Melt Into Moisture for deeper hydration.


Clump, scrunch, and squish to condish

What on earth do these weird words mean for you and your waves? They’re actually a set of rules on how to treat wavy hair for the best results when you wash.

After you wash your hair, add in your conditioner by flipping your hair upside down and squishing your hair upwards in cupped palms towards your scalp. Be careful not to squeeze all the water out of your hair; you want the conditioner to lock the water into the strands rather than work as a moisturizer all by itself. Pay attention to your hair: add more water or squeeze some out if your waves feel too dry or slick.

When you get out of the shower, you should start to notice your hair forming clumps. This is just what you want! Clumps form more defined waves and curls than individual strands working on their own. Add in your favorite products while your hair is still wet. Wave Maker, Ultra Defining Gel, and Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam are all perfect for adding definition and life to waves.

This is where scrunching comes in. Flip your hair upside down (or just tilt your head side to side if you have trouble flipping) to add your product and use your palms and fingers to gently lift and squeeze your hair towards your scalp as you “scrunch” the product in. After your hair dries, scrunch it again to release the cast and reveal your soft, defined waves!


Heat vs air drying

Like curlies, wavies should try to avoid excessive heat styling to help prevent frizz and help protect their hair from damage. However, a diffuser is a great investment for quick drying that won’t wreck carefully sculpted waves. Air-drying will still produce some of the best natural-looking waves, but nothing beats dry hair on a cold winter morning.

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When it comes to styling wavy hair, there are plenty of ways to make your waves look like their best selves for the day ahead.


Making flat roots work for you

Many wavies have roots that lie flat and straight for inches before starting to curve. While it might feel like you’ll never get the height you want, there are plenty of ways to get volume in at the roots, including clipping. While your hair is still damp, clip individual clumps or waves at the root so they’re standing straight up. When your hair is completely dry, take out the clips for easy volume!


Product overload: keep it simple

Wavy hair can be easily weighed down. Look for styling products that are light and made for wavy hair, and try not to use too many, as tempting as it is. Instead, look for products like Wave Maker that enhance natural waves. Skip the brush and head straight for a wide tooth comb or fingers to detangle wet hair.