How to care for frizzy waves, curls and coils with Devacurl

If you’ve ever wondered why your hair is so frizzy or how to keep your hair from getting frizzy, you’re in the right place. We’re here to explain the causes of frizz and the best ways to keep your curls smooth, defined and controlled.


What causes frizzy waves, curls and coils?

Frizz is ultimately caused by a lack of moisture, leading to hair cuticle damage, which makes the hair reach into the air for moisture (that’s why humidity is your nemesis). Unfortunately for us, the things we love to do to our hair, like styling and coloring, can also make frizz worse.

Styling tools, like hairdryers, curling irons or flat irons, are the usual culprits - especially if you use them daily. Heat can strip the hair of its natural moisture leading to, you guessed it, more frizz. The same goes for washing your hair every day, which messes with your hair’s natural balance.

Medium to coarse waves, curls and coils tend to be drier, so they are naturally more prone to frizz and need extra care.

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How to avoid frizz

So now you know the causes of frizz, how do you keep your hair from getting frizzy? Read on for our frizz control tips.


Ditch SLS/SLES sulfates and banish silicones

SLS/SLES sulfates are the ingredients commonly found in shampoos that make it all bubbly and foamy. Fun right? Well, not for your hair because it can actually strip moisture from the hair and cause frizz.

Likewise, it’s best to avoid silicone in your products. Silicones are found in many frizz-fighting products because it forces the cuticle to lie flat. Sadly, this smoothing effect is only temporary: silicones coat waves, curls and coils, causing buildup, which repels moisture and makes them even drier than it was before. Not cool.

If you’re looking to banish SLS/SLES sulfates and silicones, No-Poo Original gently cleanses without stripping the natural oils your curls need. And if you really can’t live without the lather, Low-Poo Original is for you. Still wondering which cleanser is right for you? Find a new favorite here.


Frizz control starts in the shower

If you’re one of those people who loves to crank up the temperature in the shower, you might want to rethink your routine because it could be damaging your hair. Scalding hot water strips waves, curls and coils of their natural oils that keep them moisturized and shiny. We already know that lack of moisture in your hair can cause frizz, so try to avoid extreme heat - no matter how cold you are before you jump in!

Luckily this has an easy (and free) fix. Turn down the water temperature to lukewarm and finish off your shower with a quick cool rinse. The cool water helps seal strands and lock in those precious natural oils.

Bonus: Did you know all of our cleansers and conditioner help control frizz, too? Find your new go-to here.


Dry carefully

Always wrap your hair in a terrycloth towel as soon as you’re out of the shower? You’re not helping frizz control. The rough surface of terrycloth towels can cause friction and frizz, so Devachan Stylist, Taylor, recommends using a microfiber towel, such as the DevaTowel or DevaTwist, which helps absorb excess water without disrupting your curls.

It’s best to air-dry your curls, but if you really can’t do without heat, be sure to apply a heat protectant such as FLEXFACTOR™ Curl Protection & Retention Primer. This heat and UV protective spray with Curl Memory Complex helps all curl types spring back to life and helps prevent damage from brushing, friction, manipulation, and heat up to 450 degrees!

Next, use a diffuser, like our much-loved DevaFuser, to keep your curls bouncy -- not frizzy.

Frizz-Free and SuperMousse

DevaCurl’s best products for frizzy hair

We’ve rounded up DevaCurl’s best products for frizzy hair to help make it feel less like a full-time job.


For freshly washed curly and wavy hair

Plumping Primer is a great first step for frizz control for all curl types. This lightweight gelée with an Amino Acid Complex for healthy-looking curls primes with a boost of fullness, moisture, bounce and shine. Use as a foundation to layer additional stylers.


For styling wet or dry curls

You’re in luck because all of our gels and creams help fight frizz! We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for light hold (Light Defining Gel) or super-strong hold (Supreme Defining Gel). If you’re on the hunt for a styler that delivers top-notch definition, SuperCream™ is a BIG Deva fan favorite. Find a styler to feed your curl cravings here.


For deep conditioning

Heaven In Hair® Moisturizing Deep Conditioner feels like heaven. This deep conditioner with a moisture preserving blend eases detangling and provides dry curls with hydration, definition, bounce, frizz control and shine.


For fighting frizz from heat-damage or transitioning

If you’re transitioning to natural hair or suffering the results of over-using heat styling tools, our CurlBond™ line re-coils damaged curls, helps re-link broken bonds, enhances curl elasticity and seals split ends.