Tightly-coiled strands: 4c Hair

Welcome to the world of 4c coily curls! Voluminous, soft, and springy, that’s what you’ve got in the hair department. While this densely packed hair strand looks like (and is) a lot of fun, it takes work to make sure your hair stays healthy-looking. We’re here to let you in on valuable recommendations to help you reach your curl goals.

model 4c curls in front of mural

What to look for: pattern, what pattern?

So, do you have type 4c hair? For starters, if you’ve got coily or kinky hair, that’s how you know you have type 4 hair. When it comes to curly hair types, this is the kind of hair that’s described as an afro. Have you ever pulled apart a click pen and seen the little spring that pushes the tip out? Yeah, if it looks familiar, that’s because that’s about what 4c natural hair looks like up close. From a little farther away, it can be hard to determine any pattern at all, but you’ve got a super densely packed head of Z shaped locks that hardly ever clump into defined coils.


Fragile, handle with care

Tight bends make for weaker hair strands, especially combined with how dry 4c hair can get. That means you should treat your hair with as much care as possible. Dry it with a DevaTowel® or a cotton t-shirt, sleep on a satin pillowcase, and use protective styles like twists and bantu knots.

It also means doing what you can to resist breakage. You should absolutely try out our CurlBond™ Collection — it features Patented CurlBond™ Complex to re-coil damaged curls and works from the inside out to help re-link broken bonds, improve strength, and protect from future damage. It also moisturizes (of course!), maintains shine, and leaves curls healthy-looking with enhanced definition.


MORE hydration

Your coils should be kept well-hydrated and your hair needs more moisture. No, seriously, MORE. Start with a good base: One Condition Decadence® is a daily use conditioner specially made for coarse textures. For extra moisture, follow with Leave-In Decadence® before applying your styling products. Type 4c also needs weekly deep conditioning, so Heaven In Hair® is perfect for providing moisture as part of your hydration routine. The deeply hydrating formula helps breathe life back into dry and brittle curls, so it’s like gold to coily curls.


Definition who?

Between the shrinkage of tightly coiled strands and the resistance to clumping, type 4c hair can often feel undefined compared to other styles. We've got you covered if you're looking for a way to style your hair that will add some more definition. SuperCream™ is a multitasking super styler and ultra-rich cream with a hydra-definition blend that provides coarse curls with smoothness, shape, shine, and frizz control.

Supreme Defining Gel is our go-to for strong hold and definition. When you want to style and have a LOT of hair to style, a maximum hold gel is essential. Plus, the definition is perfect for an added boost to your look.

4c model smiling

Keep the love coming

We have so much love for our coily curls out there! From the soft look to the more defined styles, everything your hair does deserves its own standing ovation. When you get settled into a routine that nurtures your hair, it shows, and it’s a fantastic feeling that will encourage even more curl confidence.



When you’re looking for inspiration for curl care or styling, check out our Instagram to see what our gorgeous curl community is up to. You can also hop on YouTube and type in ‘coily curls hair routine’ but brace yourself — you may be amazed and online all day!!!

Your 4c coily curls are total showstoppers. Give them the care they need and flaunt your Curl Flexibility™ — we love to see it!