Springy and Fun: 3c Hair

I think we all know at this point that curly hair needs different care than straight hair. But did you know that curl types need different care from each other? We want to provide you with a specialized care guide to 3c hair, so you know what to look out for and what care you need to provide.

brunette model with 3c curls in ponytail

What to look for: springy, tight curls

The first thing we must do is answer a question: what IS 3c hair? Different types of curls are identifiable by their width, but all curly and non-kinky hair is type 3 hair. In particular, 3c curls are tight corkscrew curls that you can fit a drinking straw or a regular #2 pencil into. The 3c hair type is pretty easy to identify — tightly packed corkscrews mean you have a lot of natural volume. If you stretch your curl (and let’s be real, who hasn’t?), your hair still holds onto some of its S- or Z-shape.


Desert dry curls

Dry hair is no friend of waves, curls, or coils. Your tight curls still make it difficult for natural oils to make it all the way through your curls. Help them along with One Condition® Original as part of your usual hair har routine. It’s made specifically for curls, so it balances the amount of hydration that curls need. After all, there is too much of a good thing!

Since you do have a pattern very close to coily hair, you may need even more moisture than other curls. Particularly dry curls will benefit from Melt Into Moisture®, which is a conditioning mask that will leave curls extra shiny and hydrated, with nourishment to keep hair looking healthy.


Frizz much?

Riding the line between curly and coily, you’re surely no stranger to frizz. Changes in the weather, too much handling, not enough moisture… sometimes it feels like even a breeze on the other side of the world can cause frizz. SuperCream™ styler is a great way to not only shape your hair into the style you want, but also reduce your frizz into a sleek ‘do. Plus, it has a strong enough hold to keep up with your curls.

For frizz caused by dryness, High Shine® is made to not only reduce frizz, but also to moisturize and add an extra sheen to your curls. Though your curls do have tons of strong, natural volume, High Shine is special because it won’t weigh down your curls.


Prone to damage

The 3c hair type is unfortunately a bit more delicate than other curl types. It’s easy to damage your hair with heat or tight styling. The biggest must for you is treating your curls with care. That means minimal touching with hands, brush, or comb and lots of protective styling. We recommend trying out our CurlBond™ Collection to re-coil, repair, and help protect against future damage. Also, a silk pillowcase can also be helpful while sleeping at night.

colorful hair model with 3c curls

Love the curls you’ve got

While 3c curls might feel caught between curl types, your natural curls are beautiful in a unique way that no one else can match. You’ve got shine and bounce, plus beautifully defined curls that feel like they can reach for the sky. Lots of people feel their eyes drawn to curly hair: it’s a showstopper! But even more than that, you deserve to love your curls for yourself. Having healthy-looking, beautiful hair is just one more reason to smile in the mirror.



There are so many talented celebrities and influencers with 3c hair. Try doing a deep dive on Instagram or YouTube, and we have a hunch you’ll find a community that’ll be happy to share some of their curl secrets with you.

Figuring out your curls may feel like a journey, but with some good support and knowledge, you can make your hair into the best version of itself and rock it with confidence all day — every day. LIVE YOUR CURLS.