Loosely Curly: 3a Hair

Calling all curls! Isn’t it time to find hair care that fits your curl pattern? If you’ve ever compared hair routines with a curly friend, you’ll probably be quick to realize that each head of curls needs unique treatment. We’re here to give you a jumping off point with a complete guide to 3a hair.

model with brunette loose 3a curls

What to look for: wide loops

Knowing your hair type is the first step to giving your curls the best care, so how do you know if you have 3a curly hair? To start with, all type 3 hair is curly, so if you’ve got ringlets, you’ve got type 3 hair. If you’ve ever gotten bored or distracted in class (we won’t tell) and stuck your fingers in and out of your curls for something to do, you probably have 3a hair. Straightening your hair isn’t quite a nightmare, but too much heat (or handling, or tight styling), and you start getting breakage galore.


Got frizz?

As hair gets curlier, it gets harder for naturally produced oils to make their way from your scalp to the tips of your hair, which makes dry hair, and leads to frizz — but don’t fret, we can help. No-Poo® Original is the perfect cleanser, because it reduces the stripping of natural oils from your hair while One Condition® Original adds moisture into the driest parts of your hair.

While hydration is a big part of reducing frizz for curls, sometimes you need a little extra oomph. SuperCream™ not only lets you add tons of great style, it also fights frizz to keep your hair looking sleek and photo-ready all day.


Keep it hands-free

The biggest no-no when it comes to 3a curly hair is touching it too much. Once it’s washed and styled, that’s it. You need to resist temptation and keep your hands, brush, and comb to yourself. Too much handling is the path to frizz!

Additionally, because curly hair is prone to dryness, over-handling or over-styling, whether with heat or tight hairstyles, can leave your hair more prone to breakage. Be gentle with your hair! Dry it with a cotton t-shirt or a DevaTowel® to avoid tearing your hair. To re-coil, repair damage or help protect against future damage, you need CurlBond™ in your life.


Turning up the volume

One issue that you can run into with 3a curls is limp or flat curls. First, make sure that you’re actually getting all of the product out of your hair when you wash (Buildup Buster® can help with that). Plus, if you’ve been co-washing for a while and ended up with flat hair, you may actually be over conditioning. Try dialing it back and picking the No-Poo® back up for a little while.

When all else fails, diffuse dry at the roots and look into picking up a styler like SuperMousse®, which adds tons of lightweight volume so your curls feel like they can reach for the stars.

back of head brunette wavy hair

Rock your curls!

LIVE YOUR CURLS. Your curly hair is uniquely you and you deserve to love it in all its natural glory. 3a hair is full of bounce and life, especially when it’s well cared for; embrace them. With the proper TLC, you and your curls will feel like you can take on any style — and the world.