Perfect Beach Waves: 2b Hair

It’s time to hit the waves, and we don’t mean in the ocean! Wavy hair requires specific care, but do you know what kind of care works best for your waves? Personalization is key, so we’re here to provide a comprehensive look at 2b hair so you know where to start with your care.

model with brunette loose waves

What to look for: classic beach waves

Identifying whether or not you have the 2b hair type is the best place to start. First off, do you have wavy hair? Congratulations, you have type 2 hair! We look at the wave patterns to determine what specific type you have. 2b wavy hair has a defined S-shape to the pattern, which doesn’t start right at the scalp. Have you been told you have perfect beach waves? If so, you probably have 2b hair. This hair texture splits the difference between curly and straight, a perfect midway point. It’s medium wavy hair that takes a little bit of effort to straighten and probably frizzes when you don’t want it to.


Keeping waves going

The perfect 2b hair routine is going to depend on your specific hair, but a big problem that many wavies face is heavy products. You want your hair to reach for the sky, not sag to the floor! That’s where Frizz-Fighting Volumizing Foam comes in. It’s lightweight, so it won’t pull your waves straight, and it adds the perfect amount of volume, body, and doubles down to combat frizz as well.

And speaking of frizz...


Prone to frizzing

Flyaway hairs are no joke and type 2b hair can be full of them. With your hair starting to follow a very defined wave pattern, it’s harder for natural oils to reach the ends of the hair from your scalp. This means dry hair and dry hair means frizz.

The main way to combat dryness is the end-all, be-all of every wavy and curly hair care routine: hydration. One Condition Delight® follows the same lightweight philosophy of Frizz-Fighting Volumizing Foam, but its main goal is to add moisture to your hair to keep it sleek and shiny. One Condition is perfect for wash days and for adding to wet hair on days when things are getting a little unruly.

For extra frizz control, Light Defining Gel and Ultra Defining Gel both provide hold to your style while helping keep your hair defined. They also add shine and bounce to your look, while still being light enough to use on wavy hair.


More control

When your waves start getting more defined, they can start getting a little harder to control. Wave Maker™ is useful for enhancement and definition of waves, helping them have a more even pattern. Wave Maker™ can help you go from bedhead to just-came-from-the-beach head.

back of head brunette wavy hair

Wavy love

All curls have shine in their own way. Other wavies (or even curlies, or people with straight hair!) have probably sighed with envy over your gorgeous, beachy waves. Plenty of people crave your natural waves. You never have to love your hair just because other people share it. Your waves are uniquely, gloriously you! Step out with confidence and you can never go wrong. But it can also be fun to know that you’re part of a much bigger community of wavy-haired friends that know the tricks and joys of the 2b hair type.