our commitment to antiracism

To be a voice in support of the underrepresented segments of the curl community.


Our Goal

To be an accomplice for all people with curly and natural hair – no matter their ethnicity, gender, age, ability, or religion – by providing equitable access to high quality curl-curated products, professional support, and expert-led education to help eradicate racism in the hair industry.


Our Commitment

DevaCurl is committed to being an antiracist organization. Antiracism is not a short-term focus for us. It is long-term, something we will continue to work on and build into the foundation of how we conduct business every day.


our 4-pillar commitment

To our employees, curl community and beyond.



Share best practices within the industry around education on racial injustice issues, curly hair, and the intersection of the two.

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Ensure that we are reflective of our diverse DevaCurl community both internally and externally. You will see more representation in our leadership, brand imagery, content creators and business partners.

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community investment

Set up company structures that promote financial independence for communities of color and focus our philanthropic efforts to build these same communities.

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social justice graphic

Social Justice

Develop relationships with organizations to support both regional and national movements that align with our commitment to social-justice. We are developing partnerships to advocate and champion for change when it comes to education, representation, and community investment. To impact change, we have to start at the source, and that means addressing policies that uphold systems of racism.



Learn about the action we've taken and how we plan to use our platform to impact change.