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How do I decide which class to register for?

Anyone can enroll in our Level 1 courses (labeled 100, 101, 102). This includes technical hands-on and elective courses.

What if I’m already Deva Certified?

Until now, the only designation we’ve provided for those completing DevaCurl education is that of “Deva Inspired” and “Deva Inspired Advanced”. Official certification level will be offered for the first time in 2015!

Can I repeat classes that I’ve already taken?

Yes, and in most cases you will receive a discount when enrolling in a course for the second time.

What is a prerequisite?

Our second level classes (labeled 201, 202, etc.) require that you first take a level one course. This “prerequisite” best prepares you to succeed at the next level.

I’m very experienced with the brand. How can I skip entry-level courses?

Those already experienced through DevaCurl education can gain direct entry to select upper level courses (201,202, etc) if they hold “Deva Inspired” status on our website. “Deva Inspired” status is held by those who have successfully completed a Cutting or Highlighting Lab either in our academy or in their market.

How do I update my status?

After successful completion of each new course, your DevaCurl status will be updated on our site for public viewing by your curl community on our Stylist Finder.

Must I be a beauty school graduate to enroll?

Yes, our education is professional, post- graduate education. A Deva Inspired stylist is not licensed by DevaCurl, but by the state board in which they currently reside.