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Advocating for Inclusivity in Professional Haircare

at DC we recognize that change is needed in the professional beauty education to make important changes for the education professional stylists receive and the clients they cater too. Together with other professional industry leaders we created the TEC to advocate. We are proud to partner with the Texture Education Collective to create necessary change in the professional beauty space.



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The Texture Education Collective

The Texture Education Collective™ was formed by an alliance of DevaCurl and other professional hair industry leaders, with a shared goal of encouraging cosmetology state board licensing requirements and curriculums nationwide to be inclusive of all hair types and textures. We envision an inclusive professional hair industry for all, from behind the chair and beyond.



An estimated 65% of the US population have curly, coily or wavy hair, yet education for textured hair is not provided or required ....



The mission of the Texture Education Collective is to ensure all hairstylists are equipped with the education, skills and tools to be able to service all clients and all hair types and textures. We want to pave the way for all consumers to feel welcomed, valued, understood, and seen when getting serviced by hairstylists while upholding the highest standards in health and safety. HELP MAKE A CHANGE AND SIGN THE PETITION TODAY.


Advocating States

Currently Louisiana is the only state that now requires textured hair training for all cosmetologists. New York and New Jersey are in the process of passing this law. Help us get this crucial law passed in all states.

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Hear it from the Pros

Watch celebrity hairstylists Christin Brown and David Lopez share their personal experiences in the chair as a client and behind the chair as a stylist.




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