An Important Message for Our Devas

February 11, 2020


To our beloved Curl Community,

Nothing is more important to us than you.

As a curl community, we know the curl journey is a unique and personal one as your curls are an expression of who you are. We always want your curls to be a source of pride, never anxiety. This is at the center of what our brand stands for and what our professional stylist community has helped to encourage over the last 20 years.

When some of you first raised concerns about our products, we were laser-focused on our testing as the best way to confirm their safety and quality. You can feel confident using DevaCurl because all our products have gone through rigorous testing that has confirmed they are safe and adhere to both quality assurance and regulatory standards.

We’ve heard you and recognize that any changes to your hair – for whatever reason – demand a special type of attention that safety tests alone can’t address. That’s why we’re partnering with medical professionals, dermatologists, industry experts, professional stylists, and members of our curl community to better address your needs and concerns.

We are committed to:

-Creating a Professional Curl Care Council of trusted medical professionals, dermatologists, independent industry experts, professional stylists and members of our curl community to help us all better understand healthy curls and scalp. We will develop Curl Care Resources for you and our stylist professionals, including information about curl and scalp health and using DevaCurl products.

-Sharing answers to some of the top questions we have received from you around safety and ingredients, as well as links to independent professional organizations.

Because many factors determine curl and scalp health, the situation is complex, and we ask for your patience as we work together to provide more answers and address your concerns.

We will continue to share updates.

Your DevaCurl Family


Our Commitment to Safety & Quality

At DevaCurl, safety, quality and a positive experience are at the center of who we are. All of our products are safe to use – they are subject to rigorous and thorough testing, to ensure they meet both internal quality assurance and regulatory requirements before they reach the market.

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