The Delight Product Guide for Wavy Hair

If you have more waves than a day at the beach, we have something that’s just a delight for you.

All dad jokes aside, if you’re looking for a great cleanser and conditioner for fine wavy hair, the DevaCurl Delight product line is formulated especially for our wavies out there who want lightweight, wavy hair care that will blow you away.

product laydown of DevaCurl Delight cleanser and conditioner with ingredients

What’s so delightful?

We know that wavies can sometimes get caught in the middle when it comes to buying products: your hair isn’t its best with products made for straight hair, but you don’t necessarily need to jump right into products for curly and coily hair either. That’s where the Delight product line comes in. Wavy hair doesn’t have all the same needs as either curly OR straight hair, so you need something that specifically addresses how to care for wavy hair. Since wavy hair can get weighed down more easily than more structured curls, the Delight products are dedicated to weightless moisture and conditioning. Your waves will be enhanced and defined without being crushed flat by heaviness.

Basically, if you’d rate your hair as a 2A, 2B, or 2C on the infamous curl chart (check out our Curl Quiz if you aren’t sure), and your waves are finer in texture, you’re just who we’ve been making Delight for! If you have thick, coarse wavy hair you may want to try our Original or Decadence lines instead, which offer more moisture.


What to look for when you shop

Low-Poo Delight and One Condition Delight are the main attractions on our list of hair care products for wavy hair, and they’re the perfect base for a wavy’s hair care arsenal. When we made the Delight product line, we wanted to ensure that it had enough moisture for the average wavy-haired curlfriend without being too heavy for your waves to hold up.

wavy red head in shower

Wavy wash day

On wash day, reach for Low-Poo Delight in the shower! Unlike Original and Decadence, you’ll actually be able to get some familiar lather (still free of SLS/SLES sulfates of course!) while you wash. The suds come from Cocamidopropyl Betaine, a gentle, coconut-derived surfactant. Low-Poo Delight also contains rice protein, lotus flower extract, and a chia-flaxseed extract blend and helps add definition to your waves. It’s all about helping you have the best hair day with waves that will wow you.


The condition of your waves

Of course, no wavy hair care routine is complete without conditioner, so we have One Condition Delight as well! Once again, we focused on weightless moisture to make sure your waves can breathe. You get just enough moisture for your hair without the added weight of a product made for thicker textures.

One Condition also features rice protein, lotus flower extract, and a chia-flaxseed extract blend, so your waves will be extra bouncy and defined. Get used to waves that are just as full of life as you are, no longer dragged down by heavy products.


Add a little style

The Delight line also pairs well with several stylers, including Wave Maker, for when you need an extra touch of definition to make your waves really stand out. This touchable texture whip is great for giving your waves a little extra structure to look their best. Plus, like the Delight line, it’s specially formulated for wavy hair for a non-heavy enhancement.


What the experts say

Our Devachan Stylist offers this delight-full hack for wavy hair:

“Make sure you apply Low-Poo Delight directly to your scalp, add more water, and really scrub it in. Do the same scrubbing motion when rinsing to thoroughly cleanse.”

-Telma, Devachan Senior Stylist

When it comes to wavy hair, you don’t need to settle for a product made for someone else. You deserve the best hair care products for wavy hair, so treat yourself to products made with you in mind and find true delight in your hair care.