let’s talk super curly

No matter where you are on your journey, we have everything you need to master beautiful super curly hair!


decoding your curls

Your curl pattern can tell a lot about what kind of care you need. Here's the lowdown on the main types of curls. Keep in mind that your curls can be somewhere in between!


Stylist Tip

Devachan senior stylist Mia

"Once you've got your curl pattern down, you'll want to figure out your texture and porosity next. These three factors are the keys to figuring out what your curls need."

Mia, Devachan Senior Stylist


Deva Hair 101

woman in the shower raking fingers through super curly hair

A guide to co-washing

What it is and should you be doing it.

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devadryer and devafuser

DevaFuser 101

Dos and don’ts of diffusing: cut down on drying time, plump up curls, shut down frizz, and more!

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