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Great product.
August 06, 2018

DevaCurl Rating

It broke

I LOVE this diffuser. It does wonders on my hair, I know it's a great product, but unfortunately it broke right before I was going to write a review on how to make it work on multiple hair dryers like it says. I guess I am just going to have to buy buy the full dryer! I recommend just getting the whole thing!!! It's an amazing concept/product.
**If you bought this and are struggling to get it on; rock it on.. sort of wiggle it and it should be fine!! Mine just broke for some reason :(

July 09, 2018

DevaCurl Rating

Surprisingly Amazing!

I was skeptical about this defuser. I read reviews that said this was a waste of money. Mostly for Amazon. However, I got it at cosmo pro to try it out. I was so happy about it! It dries the roots so good. If you want volume and beautiful shape, then this is the perfect disfuser. I have curls type 3 and it makes my curls so defined.

Erin Small
May 30, 2018

DevaCurl Rating


I love this Devadiffuser. It’s different from any other attachment I’ve used to help dry my curls. I love how well it dries my roots which often take the longest to dry. It is gentle on my curls and I love how it has fit any hairdryer I’ve owned!!

March 22, 2017

DevaCurl Rating

Sorry I bought just the diffuser

I bought just the diffuser two years ago and have been looking for a dryer to fit it ever since. I just could not find a dryer to fit the diffuser. For Christmas I was given the dryer and diffuser. Yay!! Side note: I noticed that the diffusers are slightly different where they attach to the dryer. Beware of buying the diffuser separately.

March 17, 2017

DevaCurl Rating


This diffuser is fantastic. I've used a regular bulky diffuser before (which always left my hair somewhat frizzy on the outside and slightly damp underneath). This product is so much better. I can use it one handed to dry my hair. It's light and works from the inside out. I love it!

May 24, 2016

DevaCurl Rating

Love this DevaFuser!!

This is the best diffuser I have ever used. My dryer is a Rusk Speed Freak (you can find it at Ulta), and it fits perfectly. Thank you!!!

April 03, 2016

DevaCurl Rating

Salon results

I feel like I walk out of a salon each time I use this. It dries the hair quickly and sets a hard cast which releases healthy, bouncy, volumizing, shiny, Frizz free, defined curls!

February 05, 2016

DevaCurl Rating

How to justify the price

I purchased the Deva dryer and diffuser more than 5 years ago. It took me a while to justify the sister visited with her dryer, flat iron, curling iron, etc and I realized that I hadn't bought anything like that in the 10 years I'd been doing Deva cuts. From that perspective, it has been a bargain and worth the price for an accessory I wear everyday.

January 15, 2016

DevaCurl Rating

Loving The Extra Volume!!

I'm very happy I purchased the Devafuser. I love the extra volume at the roots.

January 01, 2016

DevaCurl Rating

The fit

I am sure I could love this diffuser, if only it fit the hair dryer. The band is not at all elastic. There is no give. I can't find a dryer that it will fit. At this price, you'd think it would fit. The description that it fits most dryers is a completely false statement. I haven't found one yet. It seems like a ploy to get you to spend $150 on their dryer.

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