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Winter Hair Care Tips

Winter Hair Care - Featured Hero Image

My curls are frozen thanks to the lowering temperature of the atmosphere.

Seriously, it’s getting freaking COLD outside, which uh – in case you missed it, effects your curls. Luckily we’ve got tips from Curl Expert, Cal Ellis, to help get you through the next few weeks. We’ll take you from the shower to the street, and give you tips to care for your curls every step of the way.

When you’re in the shower

“Hydration should always be your number one priority, but this is especially true in the winter,” says Ellis. “You can increase the amount of deep treatments you do to one to two times per week,” but he warns that you should listen to your hair. See what it needs. It’s pretty common to switch products seasonally.

Looking for an extra-hydrating cocktail? Cal recommends working a mix of Heaven in Hair and SuperCream throughout soaking wet hair, then drizzling in some extra water. Follow up by layering B’Leave In over your curls to seal in the moisture.


When it’s time to dry

“If you’re someone who likes to air dry during the warmer months, your best bet to speed up the drying process in winter is to use the DevaFuser to dry the interior of your curls. This is the part that takes the longest to dry.” (Seriously guys it takes like 8 hours). Place the diffuser on the interior of your hair, and hold it in place until that area is dry. To minimize frizz, the key is to move the diffuser as little as possible.

You can let the outer part of your hair air dry, but if you’re hopping into a car air drying the rest of your curls has never been easier. Just turn up the heat, the car’s vents help simulate air drying.


When it’s time to bundle up

Fuzzy wool hats are the enemy. The friction, the flat crown, it’s all just too much. But you have options.

Try investing in a satin-lined hat, like the SLAP. This will protect your curls from any added friction. It’s super cute on its own, but you can also place your favorite wooly hat over it to change up your look.

If you lose volume at the root when rocking a hat, just slip a few DevaClips and a mini hairspray in your purse. “You can clip up your roots, mist with hairspray, and let it sit for five minutes to restore volume quickly,” says Cal.

Or you can ditch hats altogether and opt for a hood. “But use the one from your jacket, not your sweater,” says Cal. Puffy winter coats (while not very flattering) feature a slippery fabric that won’t rough up the curls as much as a cotton or wool.

Still worried about losing volume? You can leave a few DevaClips in your hair to keep your hood from rubbing. Just, ya know, remember to take them out.

Now if you’re a sane human, and you wear a scarf in the winter time, I have news for you: your hair is in danger. Sorry. But the fabric roughs up the nape of your neck and cause tangles and breakage. To prevent your curls from getting caught wrap a silky scarf around the base your winter chunky knit. This allows your curls to gently slip and slide.

So there you have it, a few easy tips to help care for your curls this winter. Now we want to know, how do you protect your hair? Share your best tips with us in the comments below.


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