Winter Curly Hair Care

Winter Curl Care

So in case you haven’t noticed, it’s almost winter.

Which means pretty much all of us are Anna.

Forget our frozen fingers and toes, they’ll be fine, we have gloves, and fuzzy socks.

But um, between the frigid temperatures, the dry air, and the wind – our hair, well, it’s in trouble.

Luckily, Shari Harbinger, co-founder of the DevaCurl Academy and bonafide curl genius, is here to help.

Make the Most of Your Hair Set

There’s nothing worse in winter than having to wash your hair. Especially if you air dry. Who wants to walk around with a wet head when it’s 20 degrees outside? No one. Absolutely no one.

But hygiene is definitely still a thing, and nobody wants to walk around with their hair looking crazy either. The solution? If you want to wash your hair less, do a better set.

“By creating a better moisture foundation, you can extend the wear of your hair.” Hello day 3, 4, and 5 curls. Nice to see you.

Shari’s best tips?

“In the winter, leave a little bit more conditioner in than you normally do. This will load your hair up with hydration and help combat frizz from the dry heat.”

Also, this is a public service announcement. We know hot showers are the BEST, especially in winter. But do not, do not, do not let the water get too hot. You can get heat damage from a hot shower. Try to keep the water warm to cool.

Post shower- it’s time to style. Another great tip to lock in hydration is to make your cream based stylers even more hydrating by cocktailing them with a nourishing oil like MirrorCurls before application.

If you’re more of a gel user, consider layering a cream based styler under your gel, for a little extra hydration.

Once your hair is styled and set, the key to making your look last longer is refreshing. But what’s the best way to refresh your curls? Well, it depends on your texture.

If You’re Refreshing Wavy Hair:

Consider using DevaCurl Spray Gel to bring life back to your waves on day two or three. Clip your hair at the crown, then gently mist the gel all over your hair (hold the bottle at arm’s length for a misting effect), then smooth it gently by glazing your hands over your waves to help redefine you. The spray gel helps to reactivate stylers already in your hair, and its super lightweight so you won’t lose volume.

If You’re Refreshing Curly Hair:

To combat fly-aways and frizz on day 2, take some Set It Free and spray it onto your hands, then gently glaze it over your curls in sections.

If you’ve got some frayed curls, you can also dab a bit of B’Leave In on your fingers and run it over the curl. Beautiful Mess will also work for this, (@spisha is the queen of this technique). Shari suggests B’Leave In for lighter hold, and Beautiful Mess if you want something a little heavier.

If You’re Refreshing Super Curly Hair:

Your best bet to minimize refreshing for super curly hair is to make sure you pack on the moisture when you set your hair. Your curls should be DRENCHED when applying product – and you should even add more water as you work product through (picture applying conditioner, it’s the same amount of water). To refresh, mist the curls with Set It Free – which will replenish moisture. To make sure it’s absorbed, gently pat your curls.

Another tip that will help extend the wear of your hair? Investing in a humidifier.

Keep one in your bedroom for the winter – not only is the humidifier good for your skin, but it also helps keep your hair from drying out.

Treat Your Hair – Even More

The lack of moisture in the air means your hair is about to be seriously thirsty.

The solution? “Prep your hair with more moisture across the board,” says Shari.

Turn to deep treatments, and do some kind of mask every three to four days. You really want to pump up the hydration any way you can.

Multimasking with Melt into Moisture and Heaven in Hair can give you a serious boost.

Or you can try mixing a hydrating oil, like MirrorCurls in with your favorite deep conditioner.

Dressing for the Cold

Curly hat hair, it’s real.

But your ears also definitely get cold.

So here’s what you do – put clips in your hair, so that your hat actually sits on the clips and not the curls.

Then keep a mini Mist-er Right or Set It Free in your purse so you can tame any frizz (sorry, but that’s inevitable, even if your hat is satin lined).

If hair gets flat anyway (ugh), add some Flexible Hold Hairspray, section by section at the root. Let it dry, then shake and fluff. Voila – your volume is back.

Oh – another thing to consider, if you have long hair, the shifting weight of your winter coat could be straining your strands. To avoid any extra breakage, tuck your hair into your sweater before sticking on a coat. Also, this ensures your hair doesn’t get stuck in a zipper #littlewins.

Now, we’ve already talked about the important of silky scarves but for those of you who can’t ditch your fuzzy options, there’s something that can help. If the curls at your nape get roughed up, consider giving them some extra slip by rubbing some MirrorCurls directly onto the hair.

(Note: MirrorCurls is a very heavy oil, and usually it’s best when mixed with other stylers. But we’re recommending it here on it’s own, because you’d be using it on the hidden, bottom layer of curls. And it’s okay if these guys get a little heavier, since no one can see them *shrug emoji*.)

So what about when you finally take off those 200 layers?! And you’ve managed to sweat through your sweater, and naturally your hair has gotten oily with sweat and has started to expand…

Grab your dryer, and flip your head over. The cool setting on the dryer can help wick away moisture and build back volume, without any added heat damage.

If your hair is super oily, you can also apply a bit of baby powder or corn starch before going in with the dryer. Another option? Hair Spray, it contains alcohol, so it can help dry up moisture at the nape of your neck.

One more thing to think about – when your indoors, and cuddled up in blankets, it feels GREAT, but the rough texture, not so good for your hair. Consider throwing a satin duvet over your favorite blanket to help keep things friction-free, for the sake of your curls.

Nourish Your Body (and Your Curls)

Everyone is careful to hydrate in the summer with the heat, but it’s just as important to drink water in the winter. The dryness in the air can wreak havoc, so be sure to hydrate your body from the inside out. Drinking water is great for your curls – but your skin and nails benefit too.

Speaking of which – consider a hair, skin, and nails vitamin in the winter. Biotin, Folic Acid, and Vitamin A will all help keep your curls looking their best. Just be sure to check with your doctor about what’s best for your body!

There’s also a snack that can help keep your curls healthy, because it contains keratin. Jello. Yes, really. Gelatin will help strengthen your hair and nails, kids.

What are some of your go to tips and tricks to help save your curls in the winter? Share with us in the comments below! And if you’re looking for more winter curl care tips, check out this post.