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How To Use A Hair Mask On Curly Hair

Who doesn’t love an excuse to treat yourself? Whether it’s new shoes or a Caribbean vacay, there’s no denying getting yourself a little something *extra* is always worth it. The same can be said for your curls.

But while it’s ALWAYS time for new shoes, it’s not always the right time to treat your hair. You see, you can actually over-treat it. Too much protein can make your hair hard. Over hydrating can make your hair soft.

How to use a hair mask on curly hair in a few simple steps

If your hair feels damaged and looks frizzy or broken:

You probably need a protein treatment like Deep Sea Repair. Use treatments like this no more than once a week, and be sure to rinse it out after a max of 20 minutes.

  1. After cleansing your hair, apply Deep Sea Repair
  2. Leave it in for 15-20 minutes
  3. For best results, cover with a plastic cap or DevaTowel and apply heat
  4. Rinse and finish with stylers

If your hair feels just a little dry:

Turn to Heaven in Hair. This deep conditioner can also be used as a mask (it’s not technically a treatment—more on that in a sec), so it’s actually safe to use frequently. And its gentle enough that you can leave some in during the rinsing process, prior to styling.

  1. Use your fingertips to glide a liberal amount through damp hair
  2. Leave it in for 15-30 minutes
  3. For best results, cover with a plastic cap or DevaTowel, with or without heat
  4. Rinse

If your hair feels extremely dry or tangled,

You probably need more moisture. Melt into Moisture is a conditioning treatment mask that should be used once a week. It can be left on for a while (some stylists actually recommend sleeping in it!) just be sure to rinse it out (it’s a little too intense to be left in).

  1. After cleansing your hair, section your wet curls and apply evenly
  2. For basic hydration, leave in for 3 minutes
  3. For intense hydration, cover with a plastic cap or DevaTowel for 15-20 minutes
  4. Detangle your hair while you rinse, then apply stylers

Treatment mask vs deep conditioning mask

Now that we’ve covered how to use a hair mask for curly hair,  what’s the difference between a treatment mask and a deep conditioning mask? Well, it depends on who you ask. Every brand is different. But when it comes to Deva, the difference for us is the strength of the product. Our curly hair treatment products (Deep Sea Repair and Melt into Moisture) are powerhouses. The ingredients in these formulas are stronger and they deliver a more intense result than our deep conditioner, Heaven in Hair.

So now that you know the key rules and differences between all of your pampering options, let’s walk through a few scenarios, and which product is right when:

If you’re spending countless hours in the ocean or pool this summer…

…your hair is getting dehydrated by salt water and chlorine. Aka you need hydration, so turn to Melt Into Moisture.

If you live in or are off to visit a dry climate…

…guess what? Your hair is about to be dry. You need: Melt into Moisture.

If you’re overusing heat tools…

…your hair is likely damaged and extremely dry. It’s time to multi-mask. You can mix equal parts Deep Sea Repair with Melt into Moisture in your hands, then apply it onto your curls. Leave it on for twenty minutes (with or without heat) to give your hair the best of both worlds. Be sure to rinse it all out afterwards.

If you’re bleaching your hair, using a high lift color, or doing another chemical process…

…your hair is likely going to be frizzy, dried out, and damaged. Depending on the depth of the dryness you can exclusively use Deep Sea Repair or choose to multi-mask.

If you’re dying your hair and using a low lift color…

…aka going for a color that’s close to your natural one, or going from a lighter shade to a darker one, your hair will be dry – use Melt into Moisture.

If your hair was over processed…

…it’s also damaged and dehydrated – time to multi-mask.

If you’re about to get a blowout…

…and you’re waiting, and waiting, to wash your hair, you need to bring the moisture back with Melt into Moisture.

If you’re about to get braids, or are removing them…

…multi-mask. Your hair was pulled, stretched, and because it hasn’t been conditioned as much, needs moisture. Mix Deep Sea Repair and Melt into Moisture for the best results.

If you’re abandoning your hairbrush for finger detangling…

…turn to Deep Sea Repair. Detangling with a brush can be super harsh on your hair, and can cause breakage. Help restore your curls with a strengthening treatment.

If you’re really worried about bringing moisture back into your hair, post any of these treatment scenarios, for a little something extra, finish with Heaven in Hair, and leave some in when rinsing. Then you’re all set to style.

Have you had the chance to try our new treatment masks? Share your thoughts with us below. And if you’ve got another question about which mask is right to use when, don’t be afraid to ask!



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