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How to Use Buildup Buster

Do you deal with product buildup in hair, hard water, flaky scalp, or environmental stressors that affect the health of your hair? If so, Buildup Buster should be your new BFF. 

You may have heard of it, but do you know what Buildup Buster actually does and what’s in it that makes it so special? Keep reading to learn all about this clarifying miracle product, including how to use Buildup Buster in your care routine!

What is Buildup Buster and what’s in it?

In short, Buildup Buster is a micellar cleansing treatment that was actually the first haircare product on the market to incorporate micellar technology into its formulation. Just like your favorite skincare product, the micellar technology in Buildup Buster actually attracts dirt and buildup like a magnet leaving scalp and hair feeling brand new.

If you’re thinking, “don’t clarifying cleansers dry out the scalp and hair because they’re so harsh?”, don’t be discouraged. Buildup Buster is unlike traditional clarifying cleansers because it’s formulated with jojoba and absynnian oils to help keep scalp and curls feeling hydrated the entire time. Essentially, it’ll leave your scalp and curls squeaky clean without the, well you know, squeakiness. 

What’s the deal with hair build up anyway?

So you may be asking yourself, “What’s the big deal? So I’ve got a little extra in my hair… why do I need a hair build up remover?”

Part of it is just healthy. You don’t want dead skin cells and old product hanging around your scalp if you can help it.

Plus, it just tends to make your hair look bad. Dandruff and waxy buildup can make your hair look dirty and weigh down all your beautiful volume. That’s why knowing how to remove buildup from hair is an important part of caring for your curls.

How to get rid of hair build up with Buildup Buster

Use Buildup Buster in place of your regular cleanser no more than one time a week. Most curlies like using it 1-2x per month but it’s really up to your hair and environment. 

Just like a normal cleanser, start with soaking wet hair and use the precision nozzle to target the product onto the scalp. Then, thoroughly scrub it in and scrub it out. If you have a silicone scalp massager, it’s also great to use that in conjunction with Buildup Buster to achieve an even deeper clean. 

After rinsing it out, follow it up with your favorite conditioner and you’re good to style those curls! If you really want to go all out, follow Buildup Buster with a deep conditioner to really give curls a mini makeover! 


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