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What’s The Difference between DevaFresh and Mist-er Right?

By now you’ve heard about the newest addition to the DevaCurl family, our new scalp and curl revitalizer, DevaFresh!

Many of you are big fans of our Mist-er Right Curl Refresher and we want to assure you that Mist-er Right isn’t going anywhere! Both products can be used in your curl routine. Watch this video below to see celebrity stylist Christin Brown break down some of the key differences!

Want more info? Read on for more tips on when to use each product.

When should I use it?

Use DevaFresh to refresh scalp and curls, and fight odor in between wash days. DevaFresh is also perfect for use on-the-go, like after the gym. It can even be used to add volume to first day hair, in addition to refreshing hair on day two, three, and beyond.

Use Mist-er Right to refresh curls with lightweight moisture. It’s a bit wetter than Fresh, and it focuses on reactivating the product you already have in your hair.

Who is it for?

DevaFresh can be used by all curl types but is especially effective for curly or super curly textures.

Mist-er Right is recommended for use on all curl types.

How do I apply it?

To apply DevaFresh, part dry hair and mist lightly on roots. Massage to add volume. Apply to mid-lengths and ends, then scrunch to enhance curls.

To apply Mist-er Right, spritz all over dry curls. Scrunch to boost body and definition. Once dry, scrunch to soften the curl cast.

Is there hold?

DevaFresh offers minimal hold. Mister-Right gives medium hold.

To learn more, check out additional info on DevaFresh for consumers and professionals.


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