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What to Expect Your First Time At Devachan Salon

We can’t wait to reopen our Devachan salons to see our clients and we know stylists everywhere are feeling the same way! Although we’re still closed, let’s talk about what your DevaCut appointment will look like, whether you’re a new or returning client!

Prepping your curls

Deva Stylists recommend that you come in with your curls cleansed, conditioned, detangled, dry, and with minimal product, or none at all, the day of your DevaCut. Your stylist will cut your curls while they’re dry and in their most natural state so we recommend staying away from twist-outs, braids, or any other manipulation on the day of your appointment. This ensures that your stylist can see how your curls will fall during the cut and after they’re washed and styled.

If you’d prefer to have some type of product or hold in your curls, we suggest leaving in a small amount of One Condition so your curls can stay moisturized and defined until your appointment.

When you get to the salon

Once you check in with our awesome concierge team, they’ll let your stylist know that you have arrived, hook you up with a robe at coat check, and lead you to the big comfy Deva Green couches in the waiting area. You’ll be able to enjoy a glass of water or iced tea as you wait for your stylist.

Please note, once our salons are able to open after quarantine, the check-in process will be a little different, so make sure you’re signed up for DevaCurl emails to stay up to date on future opening dates and procedures.

During the appointment

First and foremost, you and your stylist are going to talk about your curls! Expect to answer questions such as; “How do you usually wear your curls?,” “What does your day to day look like?,” “What’s your biggest curl concern right now?,” and “What does your current curl routine look like?.”

These questions help the stylist get to know you and your curls better create a personalized appointment. Make sure you bring any inspo pics you may have to show to your stylist to help them visualize your desired end result. It’s also important to keep in mind that your finished look might not be the exact same as your inspo pic because cuts tend to vary depending on curl type, density, and more. Your stylist will keep it real with you and be sure to set your expectations.

Once your cut is complete, you’re going to be brought to the sink to be washed and styled. The best part is that instead of sitting up in a chair, you’re actually going to be laying down in our super comfortable lounge chairs while they work on your curls in the sink. After that you’ll be brought to a dryer to fully dry and this is when your stylist will also diffuse your curls for a little bit for volume and apply any finishing touches that need to be done to your cut.

Before you leave the salon

  1. Make sure you have asked all your curl related questions; our stylists are here to help you!
  2. Ask your stylist to write a product prescription as well. These products will be the ones they used on your curls at the sink, as well as any other DevaCurl products they believe you may benefit from as you care for your curls on your own before your next appointment.
  3. Grab some new DevaCurl products or stock up on your favorites! We have a great selection of varying sizes right at the entrance of our salon and you can check out with our concierge team.
  4. Book your next DevaCut appointment! Usually, we recommend seeing your stylist for a cut every 4-5 months but it all depends on the state of your curls so make sure to ask your stylist!
  5. Last but not least, make sure you take a cute curl selfie. Share your results to your friends and family and make sure to tag us @DevaCurl @DevaCurlPro for a chance to get featured on our social channels!

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