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Real talk: stop using shampoo

For years curly and straight haired women alike have talked about some cult movement to “quit shampoo.” At first it sounds like some weird hippie-coachella fad. But apparently there is science behind this. They say that ditching suds can actually do wonders for your hair and scalp – but TBH it all sounds kind of disgusting. Why on earth would you not wash your hair? Wouldn’t it start to smell?

Bye, bye bad hair days. This is DIY done right.

The answer is a resounding yes if you opt for the DIY route (aka crafting a rinse of either Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda, or both).

“Try it,” they said. “It’ll be great,” they said. Welp, I tried every combo and it’s nothing short of… intense. Both combos definitely cleanse, but if over-done can be super harsh on your scalp and hair. Not to mention, you really don’t smell that pleasant after dunking your head in ACV. Word of advice – don’t do it before a date (I have no idea what I was thinking).

This just in: a staple of your hair care routine

For some, the DIY route can be a bit much. Enter DevaCurl No-Poo. 20 years ago, the founders of Devachan salon, realized that traditional shampoos weren’t doing curly hair any favors. So, they started experimenting. After many attempts (which I always picture as an adventure with Bill Nye the Science Guy) No-Poo and Low-Poo were born.

So what made these formulas so freaking special? They didn’t have any bubbles. Aka sodium laurel sulfate was taken out of shampoo. The stylists discovered that it was super-harsh and that bubbles did not = clean. Turns out what keeps your scalp clean is good old elbow grease. All it takes is friction and water.

So, the founders created a botanically-infused cleanser with a specific pH level that could cleanse the scalp without stripping follicles. The result was the world’s first conditioning cleanser. One that hydrated, soothed, and cared for the scalp. (Miracles people, mir-a-cles!) Like DIY versions, these formulas depended on scrubbing both on and off the scalp – they just smelled a lot better.

Other differences? Many DIYers claim using ACV or baking soda requires recalibration time for the scalp, and that some may have to undergo a “grease” period, when it gets worse before it gets better. Sort of like switching to Pro-Activ.

But with No-Poo there is no grease period, and the hydrating benefits are so obvious that they basically smack you in the face with shine. That product alone explains why some women claim to be part of a Deva Cult (yes, this curl cult is actually a thing).

Today, DevaCurl offers four cleansers to level up your hair care routine (and leave commercial shampoo behind). Shop our No-Poo Original, a zero lather conditioning cleanser, No-Poo Decadence an ultra-hydrating, zero-lather milk cleanser, Low-Poo Original, a mild lather cleanser that gets its bubbles from a coconut surfactant, and Low-Poo Delight a mild-lather cleanser that promises weightless moisture. Four options—all basically gifts courtesy of the hair gods, that promise to make you smell good on your next date.



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