How To Get The Most Out Of Wave Maker

Whether it’s beating curly hair into submission with a flat iron, or trying to fake wavy hair with salt sprays or mousses, most women have had a grass-is-greener moment with their hair. But as I’ve learned, life is so much easier when you stop fighting your natural hair type. Wave Maker Touchable Texture Whip was created for exactly that reason: to help those with wavy hair textures ditch heated styling tools for good. It’s easy to give into the temptation to straighten your wavy strands if you’re sick of dealing with inconsistent texture, frizz and a lack of volume, but when you have the right product—and by that I mean Wave Maker—you’ll truly love flaunting the natural waves you were born with. Here’s a quick guide to using this genius styler.

Why Wave Maker is a game-changer

The number one question a wavy girl will ask before trying a new styling product tends to be, “Is it gonna weigh my hair down?” The answer is no. Wave Maker has a lightweight whipped texture that doesn’t kill volume. The styler, made with moringa seed and passion flower extracts, softens strands, helps your waves consistently maintain their shape, and prevents any pesky flyaways or frizz from popping up. Thanks to Wave Maker’s airy texture, which feels like nothing at all, you just might be able to convince your friends that you woke up like that (we won’t tell). And the fruity scent? It’s subtle yet totally addictive.

The best way to apply Wave Maker

After washing and conditioning your hair with Low-Poo and One Condition Delight, apply Wave Maker to your hair while it’s still wet or damp. Use a downward gliding motion with your hands to band your waves together. Avoid raking through your waves because your fingers will cause too much separation. To boost volume (and who doesn’t want more volume?), scrunch your hair upward. After you’ve scrunched with your hands, scrunch all over your head again with the DevaTowel to make sure you’ve absorbed the excess water. Do not, I repeat, do not use a terry cloth towel to dry your hair. The DevaTowel is made with absorbent microfiber that won’t rough up your hair texture, and cause frizz—terry cloth will. If you don’t have a DevaTowel handy, a soft, cotton t-shirt or paper towels will work in a pinch.

The finishing touch

After you’ve scrunched your waves with your hands and DevaTowel, dry your hair with the DevaDryer and DevaFuser, which features a unique hand shape designed specifically for textured hair. Focus on the roots at the crown first, to encourage volume. Once your hair is dry, flip your head over, then shake it up and down and side to side. Then gently shake the hair at the roots to kick up the volume even more. The last step? Pat yourself on the back for a DIY hair job well done.