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Yes, Vegan Products For Curly Hair Actually Exist

Surprising Fact: 98% of DevaCurl Products are Vegan

What is it about curly girls that makes us care so much about what we use on our hair? Maybe it’s because our curls, amazing as they are, demand that we pay attention to everything: the right shampoo, conditioner, stylers, moisture treatments, blow dryers (and the necessary attachments). Because without the absolute best curly hair products and tools to work with, we’re entering into unpredictable curl territory. And who wants to walk knowingly into outta control frizz, dryness, and breakage? No, thank you. For those who want to know exactly what’s in their products (basically the majority of the curly universe), DevaCurl’s complete ingredient lists are on each product page of the site. And no surprises here—they contain lots of good stuff. The entire line was made for all curl kind so it’s paraben-free, sulfate-free and silicone-free. Many Deva devotees are well aware of that, but there are three interesting bits of information a lot of curly folks don’t know:

1. 98% of our curly hair product line our collection is vegan

That means no animal ingredients whatsoever. (Cue thunderous applause from vegan curly girls). The only exceptions are Set it Free (it contains beeswax, a natural moisturizer) and Low-Poo, which is made with lanolin. This ingredient comes from sheep’s wool (through a harmless process), and keeps frizz in check. One of our future goals is to find swaps for lanolin and beeswax so that we can brag about our status as a FULLY vegan line.

2. DevaCurl is 100% cruelty-free

Fear not, animal lovers, all DevaCurl products are totally cruelty-free. That means we don’t test any of our products or ingredients on animals (even though, man, we’d pay money to see what a crazy-talented stylist could do with a poodle’s curls). And BTW, any animal-sourced ingredient, say, the beeswax in Set It Free, is produced in a way that doesn’t harm the little critters.

3. Half of our products are wheat-free.

Though wheat allergies are usually triggered by consumption and digestion, we know that there are certain allergy sufferers who want to avoid wheat wherever possible. Some of our products do contain wheat proteins that strengthen curls, like No-Poo Original, SuperCream and all of our gels. But if you like to play it safe, rest assured that plenty of our products don’t contain a lick of wheat. Below is a complete list of our wheat-free options. Happy shopping!



Dermatologist Tested -
Non Irritating


Sulfates Free


Silicone Free


Paraben Free