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Flexi-rods for Curly Hair

For curlies who want a technique for changing their curl pattern, flexi-rods are the ideal tool. They are easy to use, work on a wide range of texture types and lengths and can be used on wet or dry hair. Plus, a flexi-rod set can last for several days.

Flexi-rods are long, flexible cushioned rods designed to create spiral curls without pins, clips, or pain. Flexi rods are available at Amazon or your local beauty supply store, and they come in a variety of sizes, allowing you to create a tighter curl or a looser wave – all without the damage that comes with using a curling wand.


  • Flexi-rods
  • Styling/finishing products
  • Boar brush
  • Hair ties or clips

Here are the steps to getting the perfect flexi-rod set:

  1. Start with washed and detangled hair.
  2. Part your hair into four sections, and then, starting at the nape, create subsections no more than 2 inches in diameter.
  3. Apply your styling product to the bottom section and split into three vertical sections. Depending on your texture, use a styling cream or gel, like DevaCurl Styling Cream and  DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel.
  4. Hold the flexi-rod near the root and begin winding the hair around the remainder of the rod. The other technique is to hold the rod on your ends, wind it up toward the root, and fold to secure. Secure the flexi-rod by wrapping it into a tight doughnut.
  5. Leave them in to set for at least three hours or overnight – the longer the better. Do not take them out if your hair is not 100 percent dry or they will unravel and look loose and mushy.
  6. Gently take them out, shake your head, and voila!
  7. Pick or shake out the curls. To provide a sheen, spritz on a little DevaCurl High Shine Multi-Benefit Oil.

Check out this gorgeous flexi-rod set on wavy hair in our Devachan salon!

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