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Turn Your Curls Into Your Costume

Halloween Hair

Last year we showcased some pretty fantastic costume ideas for curly hair. You can check them out here.

But this go around, we wanted to do something a little…different. So we channeled our DIY skills and came up with three Halloween costumes that put the focus on your ‘fro.

They’re perfect for Fright Night, and give a whole new meaning to Halloween Hair.

Monsters in My Hair

If you’ve ever called your hair fluffy, or told someone that your curls might bite, this is probably the curly costume for you. And um, its ADORABLE.

Here’s how to make it.


Googly Eyes

Hot Glue Gun and Sticks

Excess cardstock or thin cardboard



Pipe cleaners

Small Claw clips



1. Cut a small cardboard strip the length of two googly eyes. Add hot glue to one side, then secure googly eyes to the cardboard. Set aside to dry.

2. Take a small claw clip and thread a pipe cleaner through the cinched area. The two ends of the pipe cleaner should stick out at the clip end (not the teeth). Twist up the pipe cleaner, about an inch in length, then fold the remaining ends out to create a T shape.

3. Trim the ends, then use hot glue to secure the pipe cleaner to the back of the googly eyes. Let dry. Then secure with a layer of tape.

4. Repeat to make several sets of googly eyes, then clip into your fro.


Flower Child

Put on your favorite boho number, grab a few elastics and bobby pins, and you’ll look like a Coachella dream.


Fake flowers

Black rubber bands

Open bobby pins



1. Pop your fake flowers off of their artificial stems (or cut them off if they’re attached with glue).

2. Wrap a rubber band around the base of the flower, you can use the built in plastic teeth to hold the rubber band in place.

3. Loop two bobby pins onto each flower, we did them on opposite ends of the flower to make the pins more stable.

4.Place flowers throughout your fro!


Galaxy Gal

Your curls are literally out of this world with this space-inspired costume that uses LED lights to bring your hair to another level.


Styrofoam Balls

Craft Paint

Paint Brushes

Pipe Cleaners

Small Claw Clips


Hot Glue Gun and Sticks


LED Light Pack

Bobby Pins



1. Paint and decorate Styrofoam balls to look like your chosen planets. Then let dry.

2. Cut a circle (about 2” in diameter), two right-angle triangles (about 1” high), and a rectangle (3” by 6”) out of cardstock. Roll the rectangle to create your rocket base. Then cut a slit in the circle, and roll the cardstock to create the cone topper. Assemble your rocket with hot glue.

3. To create bases for your planets, thread a pipe cleaner through each of your claw clips. The two ends of the pipe cleaner should stick out at the clip end (not the teeth). Twist up the pipe cleaner, then cut to desired length. Stick the pipe cleaner into the Styrofoam planet. We recommend two clip-pipe cleaner bases per planet to keep them stable.

4. Make sure your hair is totally dry. Then begin threading the LED lights through your hair, pinning the wire down to your scalp using bobby pins. To make sure the lights show up, you can pinch around the bulbs to elevate them within the wire. Pin as many lights in as you want, then depending on what you’re wearing, you can stick the battery pack into your pocket or tape it to the back of your bra or shirt.

5. Clip in each of the planets throughout your hair.

6. To attach the rocket, create another pipe cleaner-clip. Secure the pipe cleaner to the inside of your rocket with tape. For extra security on the outside of the rocket, you can secure a large bobby pin to the rocket body. Tape the flat side against the rocket, then gently secure in your hair.

Which of these looks is your favorite? Have you ever turned your curls into a costume? Share with us in the comments below.