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The Top Wavy Hair Products Deva Staffers Swear By

It comes as no surprise that much of the conversation at DevaCurl HQ revolves around hair—we love talking about it! So when I asked the wavy girls in the office to share their favorite wavy hair products, they happily spilled their guts. Here are the cleansers, conditioners and stylers that are essential to their wavy hair routines, including a few picks that are unexpected, but get the job done.

Briana Dandrea, Senior Product Development Coordinator

One Condition Decadence

“Literally. My. Favorite. This stuff has saved my bleached, damaged hair! I apply it after I cleanse with Low-Poo Delight, focusing on my ends. I leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing it out— my hair feels so smooth and moisturized when I’m done.”


“This gelée gives my waves incredible shine. Plus, it plumps up my waves, and gives them a piece-y effect that I love. I apply B’Leave-In in the shower while my hair is very wet then I scrunch with the DevaTowel to really bring out my wavy hair texture.”

Beautiful Mess

“This product will take you from day to night in a heartbeat. For work, I’ll rub a bit of the pomade between my fingertips, and glide it from my part halfway down my bob. Then I tuck my hair behind my ears for a sleek, shiny look. When I’m going out, I’ll apply a little Beautiful Mess onto my roots then shake my hair out to give it a messy look. For more texture, I’ll scrunch it along the mid lengths of my waves.”

Lindsay Mox, Creative Producer

Arc Angel Gel

“This gel is classified as ‘maximum hold,’ but what I love about it the most is the lightweight texture, which makes it easy to distribute the product evenly through soaking wet hair. After it dries, I scrunch my hair, and my waves look defined, but very natural. I also love that the gel bands larger pieces of my hair together, so I never get a stringy look. I never thought I’d use gel on my wavy hair texture, but I’ve learned that you can work with almost any gel in the DevaCurl line, as long as you adjust the amount you’re using according to the thickness of your hair.”

Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam

“When I want subtle definition and a piece-y look, I apply this to my hair while it’s wet. I also use the lightweight foam to tame frizz when I don’t feel like using a ton of product.”

Flexible Hold Hairspray

“I’ll use this before I go out to define my ends if they’re frizzy, and I don’t want to fully re-wet my whole head. I use a spray bottle to mist my hair with water from mid-lengths to the ends, add the hairspray, then scrunch. Sometimes I spritz the hairspray between layers of dry hair near my roots for extra volume at the crown.”

Laura Pepe, Digital Design Manager

One Condition Original 

“I’m right on the border between wavy and curly, and One Condition Original is my go-to DevaCurl product for healthy hair. I use it both as a conditioner and a leave-in. I’ve discovered that using it as a leave-in makes it easier to apply my styling products. The moisture that One Condition Original provides definitely helps maintain my wavy-curly shape.”

Ultra Defining Gel 

“I’ve tried other DevaCurl gels, but this one gives me the most definition while keeping my hair soft and bouncy.”


“The first time I tried this, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but now B’Leave-In is a crucial part of my curly hair routine!  First, I apply Ultra Defining Gel for extra definition and shine. Then, I layer B’Leave-In on top for more volume. The slightly watery, gel-like texture allows the product to easily glide all over my hair.”

Set it Free 

“I usually spritz a little bit of Set it Free all over my hair after I’ve scrunched out excess water with the DevaTowel. It’s the last step in my routine. The spray helps keep frizz at bay, especially on humid summer days. Plus, I love the fresh scent!”

Bari Strohmenger, Senior Brand Manager, Product Development

Low Poo Delight

“I used to wash my hair every day to fight oiliness, but those days are long gone now that I use Low Poo Delight. The formula gives me just enough lather to make me happy, but it doesn’t strip my hair because it is sulfate-free. My waves feel super clean, bouncy and look fuller after I cleanse, thanks to the rice protein. And now that my hair and scalp have the right moisture balance, I only have to wash my hair three days a week. Total game-changer! Plus, the smell is amazing—it makes me feel like it’s summer in my shower.”

One Condition Delight

“As someone with wavy, fine hair who’s always trying to pump up the volume, I used to shy away from conditioners thinking they would make my hair look flat. One Condition Delight does the opposite because it is silicone free. It perfectly moisturizes, softens and seals in shine while keeping my wavy hair texture flowing in the wind.”

Wave Maker

“This styler is like the Houdini of styling products because as soon as I apply it, it disappears—and that’s a good thing. Wave Maker gives my hair everything it needs for more defined wavy texture, frizz control, and volume that lasts. I also love that I don’t feel like I need to wash my hands after using it because it magically absorbs without any stickiness.”

The DevaTowel

“I would have never thought of a towel as a tool before using this, but now I do! I tell anyone who will listen about the magical powers of the DevaTowel. Using this when I get out of the shower not only keeps my waves smooth and frizz free, it also does wonders for wave enhancement when I use it to scrunch after applying my styling products. Sounds crazy, but I use this towel now instead of a curling iron!”


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