Top 10 Curly Hair Mistakes

If you have curly hair, you know that it requires extra love and attention. Whether it’s 30 mins, 3 hours, or spending all day just to complete wash day, it can seem like a lot to handle. And, to be honest, it seems as if curls have a mind of their own. That’s why we’re discussing the top 10 mistakes you should avoid when taking care of your persnickety curls and what you should do to correct them.

Mistake 1: Using a Terry Cloth Towel to Dry Curls

Drying your hair with a terry cloth towel is a huge no-no as the fabric is too rough on curls and can cause frizz. Instead, dry your curls by using a microfiber towel, like the DevaTowel, and scrunch upwards. Microfiber is much gentler on hair and scrunch drying can help form curls and keep definition.

Mistake 2: Using Products With Sulfates and Silicones

Silicones and sulfates are known to weigh hair down, repel moisture, and ultimately make your curls look lifeless and limp. Always make sure to read the ingredient labels to avoid any sulfates and silicones. Check out the ultimate curly girl ingredient guide here for ingredients to try.

Mistake 3: Using Too Much Heat

Styling with heat tools can majorly damage your natural curl pattern and alter it permanently. If you must use heat styling tools, make sure it’s on the lowest setting as possible and always deep condition with a restoring mask such as Deep Sea Repair afterwards. And, of course, use heat in moderation.

Mistake 4: Using a Brush to Detangle

Detangling curls with a brush or a fine-tooth comb is a common mistake when it comes to taking care of your curls. Brushing can cause frizz and make curls lose definition. Instead, try finger detangling straight out of the shower. Plus, using a pre-poo (like Wash Day Wonder) before cleansing makes finger detangling a breeze!

Mistake 5: Not Getting Trims

Slacking on trims can leave curls looking dull and ultimately lead to breakage. Make sure to go in for a regular trim to keep curls looking fresh and healthy.

Mistake 6: Not Protecting Your Curls From the Sun

Harmful UV rays from the sun damage curls and pull moisture from the hair, ultimately drying it out. Try applying a leave-in before going out in the sun and look out for styling products that have UV protection in them. Our Arc Angel Gel features orange peel extract to protect your curls from the sun.

Mistake 7: Not Moisturizing Enough

Curly hair tends to be dryer than straight hair which means our strands crave moisture. Not using enough conditioner or not deep conditioning often can make curls look less shiny and overall dull. Make sure to always use a generous amount of conditioner and try to deep condition at least once a week. Our favorite masks are Heaven In Hair and Melt Into Moisture.

Mistake 8: Not Sleeping on the Right Pillowcase

Protecting your curls is very important, but did you know it’s just as important to protect them while you’re sleeping? Traditional cotton pillowcases tug at your hair causing breakage and frizz, but resting on a silk pillowcase lessens tugging and it’s also an excuse to treat yourself to fancy new linens! Sweet!

Mistake 9: Over-Cleansing

Washing your hair too often can cause curls to lose its natural oils and dry out. In order to protect your curls we recommend cleansing 1-2 times a week, but this is totally up to your preferences and hair type!

Mistake 10: Touching Your Curls Too Often

After styling, try not to touch your curls often. Touching and playing with your curls (especially as they’re drying) can lead to frizz and loss of definition. And who wants that?!

What are your top curly no-no’s? Are you guilty of any of these curly hair mistakes? Sound off in the comments below!