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Tips on How to Protect Curly Hair from the Sun

The summer months are a popular time among us all—even us curly people. While some of us curlies have a love/hate relationship with the summer season, one thing we can all agree on is the importance of keeping up with our regular curl routine and protecting our curls from the harmful effects of the sun. Outside of the fabulous parts of the summer like the endless curly hairstyles you can try or perfecting your wash and go routine, it’s still important to protect your curls on hot summer days and use products that will keep your hair moisturized and hydrated even in humid weather.

Check out a few tips and hacks below on how to care for your curls during the summer (hint: you get to wear that sun hat you bought but never got to wear!)


The quickest trick to treating dry hair is hydration. Outside of showing off your gorgeous curls during the summer months, the effects of the humid weather and scorn of the sun can often leave your curls dry. If you’re in need of a little moisture and hydration try using a deep condition treatment like Heaven in Hair that provides ultra-moisturizing benefits. To pump up the hydration, use a quick-absorbing leave-in conditioner like Leave-In Decadence. This combo is great for any curls in need of some extra TLC during the summer months.


Chlorine can also cause dryness, so you want to make sure that after you get out of the pool, cleansing of your curls. Our favorite product to use after the pool is Buildup Buster.

If you can’t get to a shower right away, try mixing a bit of One Condition and water in a spray bottle to spritz on your curls once you’re done swimming. This will help bring back some of that hydration!

Wearing Hats

The summer is the perfect time to wear that hat that’s been sitting in your closet for months that you bought during an impulsive haul. Whether it’s a classic baseball cap or a fun summer sun hat, wearing a hat can minimize your curls exposure to the sun and can eliminate possible damage such as a burnt scalp. If you’re looking for a quick summer style, try wearing a hat with a low bun or low ponytail.

Have any summer curl questions? Leave them below!


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