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Curly Hair Tips You Need to Know

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Chances are if you’re reading this, you’ve got curly hair and you know how to navigate the internet. Congratulations.

Aside from being competent in the 21st century, this also pretty much guarantees that you’ve seen the endless wealth of knowledge available to curly girls (and dudes. James Franco can you hear me?).

There’s SO. MUCH. STUFF.

Does anyone have time to read all of that?! No. So instead, the team at DevaCurl broke down the top five things that are absolutely essential. Consider them your five curly commandments, and for the sake of your hair listen to them.

Throw out your shampoo.

Please note, we’re not advocating that you stop washing your hair and scalp – that would be disgusting and you’d smell. It is absolutely necessary to do this…helloooo hygiene. But pretty much every shampoo on earth contains harsh detergents that strip hair of the moisture it needs. Instead, opt for gentle, non-stripping cleansers like No-Poo Original, No-Poo Decadence, Low-Poo Original, or Low-Poo Delight. And remember unless you’re doing laundry – detergent is not your friend.

Silicones = No.

Most conditioner has silicone. Why? It makes your hair shiny. But it is a big FAT lie. It actually screws up your hair. Why? Um. Curly hair 101 people – our hair wants moisture. H20 is our friend. In case you don’t know, silicone is a water repellant. And when it coats follicles to give you the beloved “sheen”, the reality is the silicone is actually preventing moisture from entering the cuticle. The result? Hair that’s drier than the Sahara. Not cute.

Cool off your curls.

There is nothing nicer than a hot shower after a long day—unless we’re talking haircare. While it may be the most comfortable experience EVER, hot water forces hair cuticles to stay open which leads to frizz. To help seal curls, finish your shower by shifting to the cool setting. (And yes, this is miserable in the winter. But, at least it feels nice in the summer?)

Terrycloth is a bad idea.

They may look soft and fuzzy, but terrycloth towels are monsters (and not the cute ones from Disney movies either). The textured fiber on these bad boys roughs up the cuticle of your hair and creates frizz. To prevent this, swap your faux-friend for a microfiber towel (like the DevaTowel) or if you really can’t understand why someone would spend $20 on a towel (spoiler alert: it’s life changing), a cotton t-shirt.

No touching!

No, not that kind. That kind’s fine. But seriously people we’re talking about HAIR here. Get your mind out of the gutter. Sheesh.

When your hair is drying, do not touch it. Are you listening? Do. Not. Touch. It.

At least not until it is completely dry. I know it’s hard, curls are just so fun to play with. But you know what’s not fun? Frizz. Unless of course you like to rock the frizz (there are some fro’s that pull this off beautifully) then by all means.

Pro tip (courtesy of Cal Ellis, a DevaCurl Curl Coach): “If you’re drying with a diffuser, use a low air flow to minimize disturbance to your curls. Then when your hair is dry and you need to refresh scrunch from the ends of your hair.”

Okay, now did you write all of this down? Did you ask Siri to remind you to clear out your bathroom when you get home? Because you should. Right now. Do it. Yes, I know we’re asking a lot, but make these changes and try to quit one. I DARE YOU. You’ll cry. You’ll be apologizing to your hair for next 20 years, I’m SORRY I used terrycloth that ONE TIME.

Also, did I miss anything? I think I covered it all? Right? Maybe?



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