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Tips and Tricks for Dry Curly Hair

Dry hair and brittle ends are some of the first signs that your curls need a little extra TLC. In a time where basking in the summer sunlight is one of our top priorities, our lifestyle can play a vital factor in how we maintain our hair. Dry curly hair can be caused by a number of factors, some being your curls being overexposed to the sun, excessive hair washing (more than your usual wash day routine schedule), using harsh chemicals, or neglecting your healthy curl regimen. Don’t worry—the good news about dry hair is that it can be treated properly with the right products and maintenance.

If you’re looking for tips on how to properly treat dry curly hair and the best DevaCurl products to use, check out the below!

Overexposure to Sunlight

One of the more annoying parts of the summer months—overexposure to sunlight can mean a number of things for our skin and scalp health, including drying out our hair follicles. While the summer is the best time to be out and about, don’t forget to grab a sun hat or baseball cap before you head outside.

Deep Conditioning

We asked DevaCurl Expert Curl Council member, salon owner, and independent hairstylist, Yene Damtew, for her favorite tips and tricks for dry curly hair and she had three words—moisture, moisture, moisture. “That is the key to beautiful curls—to moisturize. So deep conditioners, moisturizing products, hydration steam treatments,” she explains. Locking in moisture is a key part in keeping your hair hydrated and safe from environmental factors like humidity during the summer months. DevaCurl’s Melt Into Moisture conditioning mask is an intense treatment with matcha butter, sweet almond oil, and beet root extract that helps provide much-needed moisture so curls look shiny and feel silky-soft. Try leaving Melt Into Moisture in your hair for 5-15 minutes depending on how much TLC your curls need and style to your desired look after rinsing.

Enhancing Your Curl Routine

No this doesn’t mean adding extra steps into your curl routine but rather enhancing your methods, the products you use, and the way you use them. When in doubt, always remember—cleanse, condition, and style (in that order). Be sure to use products that are gentle on the hair and scalp and do not contain harsh ingredients. When cleansing, make sure you’re also cleansing your scalp as well to get rid of all of the buildup that’s been accumulating since your last wash. Try Buildup Buster to help remove the unwanted buildup in your hair before conditioning and styling. When cleansing your hair, finger-comb your curls instead of brushing to help avoid breakage.

Air-Drying May Be Your Best Friend

Part of being a curlfriend and starting your hair journey is realizing the damage you probably have inflicted on your curls in the past. When drying your hair after your wash day routine, make sure you’re diffusing your hair at a low temperature to ensure you’re not over-drying or damaging your curls. If you have an ample amount of time, try air-drying to eliminate the chances of heat damage.

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