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The Secret To Spring Curls

Did you know that sometimes curl routines change when the weather changes? Whether it’s adding a product, switching out a product, or even doing something differently in your routine that you never thought would work! We wanted to put together a list of some of our favorite DevaCurl products for spring curls that may not be in your routine yet.


If you haven’t used or heard of DevaFresh yet, we hate to tell you, but you’re missing out! DevaFresh is our scalp and curl revitalizer that is formulated with prickly pear and kombucha to help soothe the scalp, deodorize, and refresh curls. If you’re into protective styles during the warmer months, DevaFresh is a must. Spray it directly on your scalp and use your fingers to spot clean. You can also pair it up with High Shine so your curls have what they need to remain nourished and moisturized while in their protective style.

No-Poo Blue

Nicer weather usually signals curlies to make a change in their curl color. Going lighter is popular in the hair community and it’s no different when it comes to the curl community specifically. If you already have your next color appointment booked at the DevaChan salon for some blonde or honey colored highlights, make sure you have No-Poo Blue in your corner. No-Poo Blue will keep your color fresh since it helps cancel out the brass that typically appears when going lighter on darker curls. You can also use No-Poo Blue on grey hair!


Whether you’re off to the pool, beach, or any other body of water, it’s important for you to still give your curls the treatment they deserve and need. Terry cloth towels are pretty rough and aren’t the best thing to use for your curls. We recommend grabbing the DevaTwist, or the DevaTowel, on your next getaway so you can use it straight out of the water.

Flexible Hold Hairspray

Our hairspray hack is probably the best thing ever and our stylists use it in the salon all the time! Many curlies decide to transition to air-drying, instead of diffusing, in the warmer months because let’s be honest, who wants to spend time holding a hot DevaDryer to their curls longer than they need to?! No matter what drying method you decide to stick to, grab our Flexible Hold Hairspray and spray some on your curls after styling, but before diffusing or air-drying, to expedite the drying process. You’ll be ready for your brunch plans and out the door with fluffy and dry curls in no time.

Which product are you adding to your spring curl routine? Let us know in the comments below!


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