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The Key To Perfect Zoom Hair

‘Tis the season for Zoom happy hours and virtual holiday gatherings! We know the best look to pair up with your favorite loungewear is hydrated curls, whether you want to try a new style or wear them as usual. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips to getting the perfect Zoom hair!

Nourish Your Curls on Wash Day

Making sure your curls get what they need and crave is important! We typically recommend that curlies wash their hair one to two times a week, just enough to keep them clean while giving your scalp’s natural oils time to travel down the hair shaft and nourish the curls. To ensure that your curls stay as moisturized as possible, even during wash day, we recommend using one of our non-lathering cleansers. Our No-Poo formulas won’t strip your curls of its natural oils but are formulated to cleanse the scalp and hair.

No-Poo Original provides essential moisture and should be applied onto soaking wet hair. Concentrate application on your scalp and use the pad of your fingertips to scrub the cleanser in and get your scalp clean, bring the cleanser down the rest of your hair by simply massaging it down your hair shaft (but this doesn’t mean you should rub your hair strands against each other.) When you’re ready to rinse, use your finger pads to scrub the cleanser out of your scalp and follow up with One Condition Original to help seal in moisture.

No-Poo Decadence provides ultra-moisture and is great for curlies with dryer hair especially during the colder months. Use the same techniques we mentioned above when using the cleanser to ensure your scalp and curls are clean, moisturized, and nourished. Follow up with One Condition Decadence to help seal in moisture and you can even leave some conditioner in before applying your DevaCurl styling products.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

It’s always important to moisturize, especially during the winter months because of the drying effects of the cold when you’re outside, and heat when you’re indoors. Moisturized curls are also going to look beautiful and shiny on camera during your next Zoom get together.

Heaven In Hair is going to be your best friend and new go-to, if it’s not already! Heaven In Hair has so much slip and is a great deep conditioner. You can also leave some on your curls to use as a leave-in before applying your DevaCurl stylers. Let hair dry or diffuse and fluff to your liking once it’s completely dry.

Looking Good On Camera

People love when curls fill the frame and can be seen! Make sure you have some bomb lighting, natural is always best, but if it’s a nighttime party, a small desktop ring light that can be attached to your desk at home will do. The lighting mixed with a few spritz of High Shine will have your curls shining bright like holiday lights!

Using any of our tips for your holiday Zoom party? Make sure you share a selfie and tag @devacurl on Instagram and use the hashtag #DevaCurlZoomSelfie so we can show you off on our page!


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