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The Dos and Don’ts of Maintaining Curly Hair

At Deva, we’re here to help you get the most out of your curls. Today on the blog, we’re breaking down some dos and don’ts to help make the transition into wearing and maintaining your curly hair easier.

Don’t rush the process. Embrace the journey.

  • Let’s face it—nothing amazing happens overnight. As much as we would all love to do a big chop on Saturday and wake up to a full head of healthy, moisturized curls by Monday, life simply doesn’t work that way. In this case, patience is indeed a virtue. Don’t rush the process—take in the changes to your curl pattern and appearance as they come. This is YOUR curl journey, embrace it!

Do your curl homework

  • No, you won’t be graded for it—but your curls will definitely appreciate the effort. Before you create an official curl routine, take some time to learn more about your hair. What’s your curl texture? What’s your curl pattern? When it comes to choosing the right products to use on your hair, don’t be afraid of a little trial and error. Check out DevaCurl’s “Curl 101” page to learn more about your curls, and the best recommended products for your texture.

Cleanse, condition, and style (in that order)

  • Cleanse, condition, style, REPEAT. These are the best three steps you’ll ever take. Before styling, make sure your hair is cleansed, conditioned, and ready to go. Once you find the right combination of cleansing and conditioning, find stylers that give you the best results.

Apply styling products to soaking wet hair

  • At DevaCurl, we believe the wetter the better. Tilt your head forward when applying your styling products and scrunch your wet curls in an upward motion to help lock the product on your hair. This will give your curls the definition and control they need!

Detangle with love, and fingers

  • According to Devachan’s Senior Stylist, Mia Emilio, the best comb a curly girl can use is her fingers! “Detangling curly hair can be time consuming but using brushes can cause more harm and damage than we are aware of. Breakage is the biggest issue behind using brushes, but it also can break the definition of your natural curl pattern.” If your hair is really tangled, Mia suggests using a wide tooth comb on conditioned, wet hair. Once you get through the tangled ends, go back to the roots, and comb to your ends with your fingers.

Get a haircut every three to four months

  • Our stylists at Devachan recommend that their clients come in every three to four months for a DevaCut. Visit our Devachan Upper West Side or SoHo locations for a DevaCut or check our stylist finder to find a Deva certified stylist in your area.

Deep condition like your curly life depends on it

  • An at-home deep conditioner like Heaven in Hair can make all the difference, especially in the winter months! Deep conditioning is like giving your hair a hug in the morning, or a supportive pat on the back after a good game. Heaven in Hair moisturizes to help soften and nourish your curls, while also giving them the extra shine they need to look their best.

Minimize heat and maximize curl maintenance

  • We don’t know who needs to hear this but put down the flat iron! Minimize heat damage by maximizing curl maintenance for healthy-looking, moisturized tresses. Buy a few silk pillowcases to minimize breakage, or sleep with a silk bonnet at night. Say goodbye to hairbrushes, flat irons, and curling irons. Trade in your shampoo for a bottle of No-Poo and give your curls the love and support they need.

Drink H2O like it’s going out of style

  • We all love a good glass of wine on Wednesday or a generous shot or two on Saturday—but drinking water will not only quench your thirst, but also keep your body refreshed. Toast to healthy-looking skin and curls!

Be kind to yourself and your curls

  • Going natural is a journey and accepting the change in your appearance is a path you’ll be on until your satisfied with the results. With that being said, be kind to yourself. This is you! These are your curls! They are beautiful, they are unique, and they define who you are (not just on the outside). Share kind words with yourself, and uplifting words of positive affirmation to help boost your curl confidence, and get you through your journey.

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