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Super Curly Bloggers We Love!

Today on the blog, we’re celebrating what we at DevaCurl call “super curly hair.” Now for most people that’s the family of type 4 curl types. But we also sometimes stretch it to include our tighter textured 3c peeps, since all of them are looking for that maximum moisture benefit (and many of us have a mix of textures on our heads).

But the big question in the room: does DevaCurl work for people with tighter curl patterns? Does DevaCurl work for people with type 4 hair?

So we’re going to address this first.

The answer is YES.

Bring us your 4a’s, your 4b’s, your 4c’s.
Whether you rock a fro with a wash and go, or do twist-outs, DevaCurl can and does work for tight textures.

AND YES, I recognize I am a 3-curl type writing this post. So you cannot trust me. I understand this. Trust these ladies instead:

In case you missed it, last November we partnered up with some fabulous curly ladies, one in particular, Ms. Courtney (@aka curlsandcourture) has type 4 hair, she also loves DevaCurl. Hence why we partnered with her. We knew if anyone could show off how well Deva worked on type 4 hair, it was her.

Check out her twist out routine right here:

Oh also, it’s not just her, her mom also loves DevaCurl (shout out to Mamma Curls and Couture).

More proof you say?
Fine, hre’s Crystal – her handle is NaturalMe4C. Her texture is the tightest of the tight. And mind you she also loves Deva. Check the background of any of her recent videos, you literally see the product on her shelf.

Here’s her twist out routine:

Oh I’m sorry, would you like some more?
THIS is queen Christin Brown.

Otherwise known as @curlfactor on Instagram. She is a Deva Certified Stylist with type 4 curls who literally kills the game. Her wife also has type 4 hair.

What do they use? DEVACURL.
The woman hosts “Texture Talk Tuesdays” where she talks about all types of curls and how to care for them with Deva. If you are a type 4 hair texture struggling with Deva, follow Christin.

Want to see a super curly girl use Deva with a curl sponge? Look no further than Chizi Duru’s channel, she did a salon series with Wesley Styles, where they showcase the styling technique.

The stylist tests several gels on the client, who did they pick? I’ll give you a hint, what brand blog are you reading right now?

What about a wash and go?

Perhaps you have met Jessica (aka @mahoganycurls) while she does have some type 3 curls, girl alsohas some type 4 curls, and she’s also a lover of Deva. Check out her wash and go routine right here:

Okay we’ve made our point. DevaCurl works for type 4 hair.

NOW for those of you with textures that are still, well, tight, but not type 4 tight – do not fear, DevaCurl also works for you. And there are some fabulous curly haired humans who you can look to for routine inspiration, tips and tricks.

Let’s start with Gio. Glorious Gio with his long glorious locks of curly hair. He too is a lover of Deva. And um, if you ever wanted to grow your hair long and fabulous, well it should be pretty obvious why keeping up with him is essential.

Check out how he styles his incredible long hair with Deva, right here:

Want tips and tricks for caring for your curls on the regular? Definitely check out Jewellianna (known as @jewejewebee). She first discovered Deva with the launch of our hair masks and has since started to drink the cool kid juice 😉
She just shared the difference Deva moisture can make on her IG:

?[SWIPE!] From Dry—> Juicy Curls! ?? I visited the @DevaCurl Salon to get my hair styled (no cut) and transformed by @dominiquelyvar_devacurl . All of the pics are my hair 100% dry! But the products gave me SOOOO much shine and definition (I didn’t realize how dry my hair looked before, until I saw the 3rd photo)?? Dominique used: •WashDayWonder— to condition and detangling before cleansing •No-Poo Decadence— next, to gently cleanse •Melt Into Moisture— to deep condition •B’Leave-In + the Arc AnGEL Gel— as my leave-ins •Mirror Curls—to add shine! ✨ •I got this transformation with JUST styling and @DevaCurl products… NO cut or chemical treatments what-so-ever ?‍♀️?‍♀️ Ask questions below! ☺ @devacurl CurlPro • • • • •#naturalhair#curlyhair#devalook#washdaywonder#nopoodecadence#shinyhair#meltintomoisture#supercurlyhair#bleavein#arangelgel#mirrorcurls#devacurlpro#curlystylist#nycstylist#devacurl

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Perhaps you seek tips on better definition while maintaining volume? May we introduce Hermela.

You should probably subscribe to her channel #justsaying.

Maybe you’re someone who likes to play with color, or switch up teir style often?

Look no further than Lisette (aka @luhsetty) who often see’s Deva stylists to highlight her gorgeous blonde curls, and is constantly changing things up:

Last, but definitely not least, is one of the natural hair world OG’s. Neicey (otherwise known as @naturalneiicey) shared a few months ago that she loves Deva. So much so she did an entire routine video and asked her followers to tag us so we would see it. Spoiler alert: It worked. And we literally lost our minds.

If you haven’t seen it, you must, because the results are AMAZING.

Who are your favorite go-to resources for caring for super curly hair? Are there any you’d love to see try Deva? Share with us in the comments below!