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Summer 2020 Hair Color Trends to Experiment With

Although this summer may look different for all of us, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on experimenting with fun summer hair colors! Today on the blog we’re breaking down summer 2020 hair color trends, how to maintain curly colored hair, and more!

Where Should I go to Get My Hair Colored?

You’ve been inside for months, we get it. But if you are thinking of coloring your hair, please go to a professional (safely, of course.) Colorist at our Devachan salons, Nicolle Lemonds, says that it’s important to see a professional stylist to color your hair because they know what your curls can handle and the last thing us curlies want is hair damage!

Use our Stylist Finder tool to find a stylist in your area and if you aren’t able to head out to a salon just yet, opt for a temporary color or hair color wax instead!

How Do I Take Care of My Color-Treated Curls?

Just like with any hair texture, taking care of your curls after coloring them is super crucial to maintain moisturized, healthy looking hair. Here are a few steps to maintaining your new color and the integrity of your curls:

  • Deep Condition: Using a moisturizing deep conditioner or treatment once a week will really help bring back some of that moisture that may have left your curls after those harsh coloring chemicals. Our favorite intense moisture treatment is Melt Into Moisture because it really nourishes curls without weighing them down.
  • Extend Your Wash Day: If you’re someone who likes to wash their hair a little too often, stop it! Washing your hair too often can cause certain colors to fade quicker and it usually leads to drier hair. Instead, opt for a refresher spray like DevaFresh to use in between wash days for added moisture, shine, and odor control.
  • Maintain Your Color: If you end up going for a lighter color (such as blonde highlights), try adding a toning cleanser, like No-Poo Blue, into your product rotation. On top of gently cleansing the hair and scalp, No-Poo Blue helps to remove brassy/orange tones from lightened hair and fills in the gaps of the hair cuticle to provide uniform toning.

What are the Summer 2020 Hair Color Trends?

Copper is all the rage right now and it’s a super great color for curly hair because it gives the curls a bit of dimension for that extra pop!

Golden highlights are subtle but really stand out, especially if you have darker colored hair.

Light pink or rose gold hair is super in right now and this color is especially great for the summertime because it reflects the sunlight beautifully!

If you’re not ready to commit to a full dye job just yet, adding in some fun pops of bright colored highlights is for you!

Whether it’s rainbow or just multi-colored curls, bright colors continue to be an exciting way to jazz up your look during the summer months!

Last but certainly not least, bright blonde highlights will always be in style, especially during the summer!

Are you thinking of trying out any of these trends? Let us know in the comments!


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