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Styling Curly Hair Finding the Best DevaCurl Styling Products for Your Curl Type

Curly girls spend a lot of time shopping for products. It’s a little excessive. Okay fine, it’s really excessive. DO NOT JUDGE US. NO ONE ASKED FOR YOUR OPINION. But honestly, half the time is spent trying to decode however a brand categorizes products for styling curly hair.

The level of confusion is disturbingly unnecessary. Shopping by curl type is borderline impossible. Thankfully, someone at DevaCurl is a genius, because no longer do you shop for stylers by curl type– you shop by curl need.

Meet the four new Style & Shape categories:

Texture & Volume (the hot pink ones)

Define & Control (the dark purple ones)

Refresh & Extend (the light pink ones)

Shine & Finish (the light purple ones)

Each category contains products that do, exactly what the name of the categories says they do.

This is where someone should press the Staples button cueing the “That was easy,” voiceover.

But in case you want to know even more (and let’s be honest some of you do), we’re going to break it down:

First and foremost, remember people – DevaCurl stylers are versatile. They do a lot of things and can be used a lot of ways (kind of like duct tape…or those paint swatches from Home Depot that people turn into 9000 different Pinterest projects).

AND it’s actually difficult to screw up your hair with DevaCurl. Because even if you put too much in, the product is water soluble, you can just rinse it out and start over. It’s not like a silicone product line, which you know, can only be removed with some sort of industrial grade clarifier and Brillo pads. #shade

Bottom line: There’s a lot of room to play and cocktail these products, but these defining categories can give you some much needed advice on how to get started.

Define & Control

Define and Control Products - DevaCurl

What you really need to ask yourself with this category is how long do you want your set to last, and how neurotic are you about frizz?

If your priority is softness that would make cotton-tailed bunny rabbits jealous, go for a cream.

  • Styling Cream: This is the cream for curls that just need a little extra moisture, it will help maintain definition with a soft hold, that’s totally touchable (whether you let strangers touch your hair or not, that parts up to you).
  • SuperCream: If your hair is super thirsty (no matter how many deep conditioning treatments you use) and needs even more moisture, but you still want that soft hold, this is your holy grail.

If your priority is a long lasting set sans frizz, go for a gel, which produces a protective curl cast that prevents frizz while drying. Once your curls are totally dry, you can do a quick shake out to release the cast and remove the crunch factor.

  • Light Defining Gel: This is the formula with the lightest hold. Be sure to only apply this to soaking wet hair (like you’re still in the shower, and your hair is basically raining) and expect to see a curl cast when it dries.
  • Ultra Defining Gel: This gel takes the hold factor to the next level, same application rules apply – only use it on soaking wet hair.
  • Arc Angel Gel: The strongest (flexes muscle) option, Arc should be applied the same way as Ultra or Light Defining gel.

Texture & Volume

Texture and Volume Products - DevaCurl

*Cues up Pump Up the Volume by MARS* These are the products designed to take your style to the next level, when you want to fine tune your curls and give them the right level of personality, look no further.

  • Wave Maker: The lightweight formula doesn’t weigh hair down (hence why it’s in the volume category), plus it helps to define wavy hair (hellooooo texture!). It can be applied to either dry or damp hair (less is more when it comes to dry styling).
  • Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam: What is it about foam that people love so much? The bubbles? The lightweight body boosting magic? (It’s definitely the bubbles). This styler can be applied to wet or damp hair and will provide a little bit of hold with a soft finish (p.s. when it dries you’ll also see a lighter version of the cast that you see with gels). To give your look some extra texture, scrunch the hair – it will encourage your waves to bounce.
  • B’Leave In: This product restores your faith in your curls (okay, not really) but it is pretty much a miracle worker. This product acts as a curl plumper, when it’s scrunched in curls appear thicker. It can also be applied in a gliding motion to help with elongation. Basically it’s amazing for manipulating texture. It’s a great product to cocktail with and is super helpful for protective and transitional styles like braids and twists.
  • Beautiful Mess (Formerly known as Set Up & Above, it had a little bit of an identity crisis): Use this styler the same way you would a pomade, to give your curls some extra texture. Take a pea-sized amount and work it through your hands until it’s melted. Then apply it to your whole head or directly to your scalp to create more texture. Side note: This product is also pretty amazeballs as an edge tamer and can even be used to rework individual curls that need a little help in the definition department.
  • The Curl Maker (Formerly known as Spray Gel): This product can be used a few different ways. Apply it to wet hair for a little extra hold, then as your hair is drying apply a few extra spritzes to add more definition. On day two, spritz it into dry hair to bring back the va-va-volume you lost overnight.

Shine & Finish

Shine and Finish Products - DevaCurl

The products in this category help you polish off your style before you walk out the door. More importantly, they can also help you combat the unexpected elements (*ahem* wind and humidity I see you and I do not like you and you will NOT screw up my hair today).  

  • Set It Free: I call this product a frizz fighting ninja (throwing stars not included). It can be used anytime, anywhere (when you’re setting your hair, when you’re refreshing the hair, when you’re bored) and delivers moisture thanks to beeswax and olive oil. If you love to leave conditioner in, this should be in your arsenal—it delivers the same benefits, plus added shine.
  • MirrorCurls: If it looks like liquid gold, and acts like liquid gold, it probably is liquid gold. This product is a rare gem because it provides a lot of shine without the use of silicone. But please, please, please remember a little goes a looooong way. To get the most out of it – use it in a cocktail with a gel or a cream and apply to wet hair (not dry, don’t do it, you won’t be happy inside). A few drops will help your hair absorb moisture and deliver a natural shine and finish.
  • Flexible Hold Hairspray: *Breaks into showtunes from the hit broadway show* It’s hairspray! But it’s a workable hairspray. Seriously this makes all the difference. Because it’s a flexible formula, it’s soft to the touch, and you won’t be stuck with a rock hard style a la Tracy Turnblad. Use this product when you’re manipulating your curls to create a style (it will soften when scrunched) or spray it on your hair before bed to help preserve your curl set.

Refresh & Extend

Refresh and Extend Products - DevaCurl

This category is for when you’re asking yourself on day two: How did this happen? What bizarre amount of twisting and turning did I do in my sleep that my hair looks like this? And what on earth is going to fix it? Moisture? Frizz reduction? Hold? Once you figure that out, here are your options:

  • Mist-er Right: If your curls are looking a little cray and are in need of some more hold you can bring back your style with this magnificent mist. It reactivates the stylers that are already in your hair restoring moisture and hold factor. FYI your curls might dry with a new cast: just scrunch to release, and reveal revitalized curls.
  • No-Comb Detangling Spray: If you wake up looking like you stuck your finger in an electrical socket (#me), your priority is to de-frizz and calm the cuticle. Enter No-Comb Detangling Spray. It has a little bit of slip to help tame tangles, and once you spritz it, your curls will pop right back into place – tis magical. This spray is also beloved by parents with curly kiddos who live in fear of combs (my entire childhood is flashing before my eyes).

p.s. When it comes to this category, there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing. Use as much as you want. No strings attached.

And there you have it. Our four new style and shape categories. Aren’t they beautiful?! They’re there to help you navigate the plethora of Deva options, so you can find the right styler to give the affect you want. But again, remember, you can use all of these products a MILLION ways. There’s no singular correct way to use them, these are just your guides.

So now we need to know: What styler (or stylers) are your favorite? And how do you use them?!



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