Curly Hair Problems: When Your Hair is Stuck

A lot of interesting struggles come with having curly hair.

One of which, is that stuff is somehow ALWAYS getting stuck in your curls.

And let me tell you, people get some crazy stuff stuck in there. Bugs, trees, hangers, you name it, a curly girl has gotten stuck to it.

Wait till you here these stories from our curly community. Oh, and we’ve got some tips for how to get un-stuck too.


Your blog writer, has gotten a two-foot tree branch stuck in her hair. While hiking with friends, her curls just latched on and ripped the branch out. She didn’t even feel it. And her friends let her walk like that for ten minutes before the branch caught onto another tree, got stuck, and stopped her in her tracks.

But that story is nothing, compared to Paige.

“It was a beautiful fall… well… more like fall-ish, LA morning and my girls and I decided to take a walk through a lovely, tree-lined block. I remember marveling at how beautiful the homes were and proclaiming how, one day, I myself would live in one, when, BOOM, I was stopped in my tracks and forcibly pulled back about 20 feet!! Ok… maybe it was more like inches, but the point is I thought I was under attack. Turns out my curls had inexplicably and miraculously wrapped themselves tightly around a tree branch rendering me immobile… I tried and tried to untangle the mess, then my girls- one by one- gave it their best shot. I wasn’t coming lose.

Wanna know if somebody loves you? See if they will run back to your house, to grab a tub of coconut oil to release you from a tree. Armed with the coconut goodness, about fifteen minutes and about 37, “What in the hell are they doing?” stares later… Me and the coils were set FREE!”- @PaigeBryanOfficial

That is some serious #friendshipgoals.

Bugs (Unfortunately.)

These stories are terrifying.

“One day, I leaned back on the couch, and heard buzzing. I realized it was coming from my hair and I knew it was a fly. Despite my attempts to free it, I can’t say I’m 100% sure it ever came out. Poor thing.” – @itscurlypenny

“MOSQUITOES. They are huge and they are everywhere in Alaska. One time, I biked on a trail with my hair down. When I came home I saw in the mirror that my hair caught them like a fishing net. I pulled out 23 mosquitoes. I pretty much wanted to shave my head after that.” [email protected]spisha

Children’s Toys

To all your curly moms, we salute you.

“My son, once decided it’d be cool to entangle his little Spider toy from Halloween into his sister’s hair. I almost just left it.” [email protected]hif3licia

*cues up What’s the Matter With Kids from Bye Bye Byrdie*

“As a mother, you know we always find our children’s belongings all over the place, for instance, a toy car in our purse, or a binky in one of our shoes. Well, the craziest thing I got caught in my hair was a nerf gun bullet. It was smack dead in the back of my head. How it happened, I have no idea, I was at work when at least four hours into the day, someone finally said, “Um, it looks like you have a dart or something stuck in your hair.” I was so embarrassed.” – @curlssodope


Why can’t any of us get dressed without ripping our hair out!?

“There have been a few times walking out of my closet where I felt that my hair was heavy and discovered a clothes hanger just dangling off of it as if my hair was a Christmas tree and the hanger was a beautiful ornament. ? I guess while in the process of changing into my shirt, I ended up flipping my hair onto it just right. I’m not sure how I’ve managed to do that more than once.” – @glamourzen

“As someone who wears a lot of colorful, vintage clothing, I have a plethora of zippers. This girl also has long hair. My. Hair. Can. Not. Deal. with pretty much all of my outfits. It is the legitimate bane of my existence. Leather Jackets, dresses, jumpsuits, you name it. I may just have to switch to all cotton one pieces… I’ll keep you posted.” [email protected]talia_music

“I’m 37 years old and still haven’t mastered taking off shirts with buttons! Every wardrobe change including buttons ends up feeling like an Edward Scissorhands remake! ?” [email protected]theglambelle

Other Random Objects

Because the trap that is our hair can take on anything we throw at it.

“I was helping a friend shoot one of those dramatic, fun, bucket list pillow fights that you see on tv. If only had known…those feather pillow fights look cute and fun in movies but in real life it’s a curly nightmare! I thought they’d be giant boa like feathers but once those pillows popped open, millions of tiny feathers went everywhere. By the end of it my curls were coated with a layer of feathers, 3 people had to help me get them out. The next day while driving, thinking I removed all the feathers, I rolled my window down to feel the wind in my hair and all these feathers came flying out…” @Ashley_Grezbien

“A couple of hair brushes have gotten stuck in my hair at salons when stylists have tried to brush it out.” @indiabatson

SAME GIRL. SAME. #weareallmiathermopolis

“When I moved to LA, I learned the true horrendous reality that is long curly hair and a seat belt (aka long curly hair + seat belt = VERY CLOSE TO A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN DAILY). Women and long-haired men of Los Angeles. I do not know how you do this.” – @talia_music

How to Detangle Curly Hair

Now that we’ve had a good laugh it’s time to talk about the best way to actually get stuff out of your hair.

If you find yourself, *ahem* caught up, first rule of thumb: DON’T JUST RIP YOU HAIR OR THE OBJECT OUT.

If you do, you’ll cause some serious damage to your strands. Let’s use a piece of jewelry as our example (because, um, who hasn’t that happened to?).

Let’s say your fancy holiday earring gets stuck, try gently tugging at your strands in small sections to remove as much as possible. When you’ve gotten as much out as you can without tearing at your curls, take a cue from Paige.

She had the right idea when she turned to coconut oil, it’s all about the slip. If you can grab a product that can give you extra slip – No-Comb Detangler is a light weight option that won’t ruin your styled hair, but regular water, conditioner, coconut oil, or even a cream styler can also do the trick.

Apply liberally to your strands, and pull gently piece by piece. Be patient and gentle. It takes time, but it saves your hair in the long run.

If you’ve got individual strands that are wrapped around your jewelry, that there’s just no hope of untangling, don’t tear at it. Grab scissors and cut. Tearing the strands will force the hair to split, and might do even more damage, as opposed to just giving your curl a clean break.

Do you have tips for getting your hair untangled? What random things have gotten stuck in your curly hair? Share your story with us in the comments below.