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Simple and Easy Beach Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Summer months mean warm weather, socially-distanced BBQs, and summer fun filled with beach and pool days. For curly haired people, it’s filled with the same fun along with the looming thought of how to take care of and wear their curls before, during, and after a pool or beach day. Sun, saltwater, and chlorine can be damaging for anyone, curly hair or not, but since curls are already in a more fragile state because of their uneven shape, we want to make sure the curl community has the information they need to take care of their hair during their summer fun! Keep reading to learn the steps to take for healthy-looking curls in the sun as well as a few easy beach hairstyles for curly hair!


If you have curls, no matter the density, length, or tightness, you are always being told to deep condition. It’s important to practice and maintain healthy curl habits so your curls are in good shape before you go off into the summer elements. Curls need moisture and deep conditioning is one way get it. Making sure your curls are moisturized will prepare them for a long day in the sun, hot weather, and drying or harsh water such as chlorine and saltwater. Our favorite deep treatment to use before stepping out into the sun is Melt Into Moisture.

At the beach/pool

You’ve done the prep work but it’s also important that you care for your curls during your outing. If you find yourself at the beach or pool there’s usually outdoor showers, which are going to be great for you to use. We recommend you wet your hair first and apply your favorite One Condition formula to ensure your curls are moisturized before going into the water. After your first swim, we recommend applying a little bit more of your One Condition to keep your curls hydrated. If you’re swimming in a pool, rinse the chlorine out of your curls first and then reapply some more One Condition.

Something you may not have known is that High Shine actually helps protect against color fading because of UV exposure, so if you have color treated curls make sure to throw High Shine in your beach bag so you can take it with you and occasionally spray some into your curls to help preserve your color.

Lastly, many of us bring terry cloth towels to the beach. If you’re someone who likes to towel-dry their hair, we recommend using a DevaTowel because the microfiber material will be gentle on your wet curls. 


This goes without saying, but just in case, wash your curls (and your hands!) Our moisturizing No-Poo Original or No-Poo Decadence are formulated so they won’t strip curls of their natural oils and the last thing you want after a long day outside is to dry out your hair. If you’re looking for a deeper clean, grab Buildup Buster! The micellar water technology will gently rid your curls and scalp of product buildup, hard water, or pollutants. You can then follow up with either:

  • Your favorite One Condition formula: which you can leave in while you finish your shower routine and then rinse out.
  • Heaven In Hair: if you need a little bit more moisture than One Condition. You can either leave it on until you finish your shower routine or use it as a deep conditioning mask and leave it on for longer, then rinse as usual.
  • Melt Into Moisture: if you feel like your curls need an intense moisture mask! You can even leave it on overnight and rinse out in the morning.


The versatility of curls is one of the best things about having curly hair. You can straighten them, braid them, put them up in a bun, and more! If you’re someone who would much rather just have your hair out of your way, you can always do protective styles like French or Dutch braids, box braids, or micro braids and more. You can also keep it easy and keep your curls up in a cute curly messy bun or pineapple with a headwrap or head band! See below for some inspo.

Whichever way you decide to wear your curls, our recommendations and tips remain the same!

If you have any tips to share or questions let us know below!


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