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DevaCurl 101: Shower Tips

Caring for curls in the shower is basically DevaCurl 101 (if you need a refresher, click here).

But the longer you stay on your natural hair journey the more curly hair hacks you tend to figure out along the way.

Today, we’re breaking down three curly hair problems that start in the shower – and showing you exactly how to solve them.

Problem #1: The Curls at the Back of Your Head are Extra Frizzy and Undefined

While undefined curls can be caused by a lot of different things, when you’re specifically having problems with the back of your head – chances are the problem starts in the shower.

Think about it: when you stand in the shower, you face away from the showerhead, and the hot water constantly beats down on the back of your head in the same spot – and that high temperature can actually cause heat damage to your hair.

The solution? Try facing forward in the shower or just changing up where you stand. You can also just turn the temperature down (it’s better for the planet anyway 😉 ).


Problem #2: Your Hair Starts to Frizz Immediately After you Shower

Why do we apply all of our products in the shower, to soaking wet hair?
Because curls crave moisture – duh.

But if you don’t seal the cuticle after putting in all of that amazing hydration, you’re basically negating all of your hard work – and that’s probably why your hair is frizzing right up.

To prevent this, after you apply your stylers, shift the water to cold and run a cool drizzle over your curls.


Problem #3: You Keep Getting Acne on Your Back and Ches

We all know it’s best to apply DevaCurl products to soaking wet hair. And when we say soaking, we mean drenched, like your hair should still be raining.

When you apply product to your very wet hair, obviously it is still dripping A LOT – all over your skin. And for those with sensitive skin – acne can pop up.

Believe it or not – there’s a genius way around that.

Enter brilliant DevaCurl Ambassador @HiF3licia:

“After I apply my conditioner, I put on a plastic shower cap. This wet plops my hair (which helps to encourage the curl, pre-styling) and THEN I can wash off my back and chest.”

Absolutely brilliant.

Check out exactly how she pulls it off, right here:

Have you tried any of these shower tips and noticed a difference? Do you have any extra tips? Share them with us in the comments below!


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